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Need to be able to query for bugs that *don't* have a given keyword.


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(Reporter: asa, Assigned: terry)


It would be extremely useful to have a check box for all tracking and other meta
bugs.  When creating a meta bug the box could be checked.  Queries could exclude
these 'not really a bug' bugs.  This would give us bug stats and charts that
more closely reflect bug realities.
Summary: check box for tracking and meta bugs → Need to be able to query for bugs that *don't* have a given keyword.
There is now keyword support in Bugzilla, and a "meta" keyword has already
appeared.  I trust that Jan is planning to populate that keyword and such
suitably; CCing her to make sure.

However, we don't yet have the "exclude bugs with this keyword" feature.  I
understand and agree with such a need.  I have changed the summary of this bug
to reflect that need.
Priority: P3 → P2
FYI: We can't transition the BugAThon over to the new keyword-based system until 
this enhancement is implemented. In fact, we really need the same 
regexp/not-regexp capabilities for searching on keywords that we have already 
for the Status Whiteboard. Reason: we need to be able to query for bugs that 
need a test case: all bugs that DON'T have testcase, makingtest, donttest, or 
patch in the keyword field. See
for examples of the needed searches.

If you want me to open a separate bug for the need for regexp/not-regexp 
support, let me know. Otherwise I'll leave the issue in this bug report.

I'll leave the BugAThon running under the old system until this enhancement is 

Adding cbegle and self to cc:.
You can now do all these queries (some of them require using the new boolean
chart feature in the query page).
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Features are all present (at least indirectly) and I'll assume the current
facilities are adequate as the BugAThon seems to have transitioned and no
further comments were made in a month, so verif.
QA Contact: matty
Moving to Bugzilla product
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Product: Webtools → Bugzilla
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