[ActiveX] Remove ActiveX control from static builds



15 years ago
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Windows 2000

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15 years ago
The control needs dynamic XPCOM components so don't bother building in the
statically linked build mode when they don't exist.

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15 years ago
Is another solution to make Firebird use dynamic XPCOM components instead of static?

There are a lot of products that will use the mozilla platform in the
future...and now

 Ngu (Front Page replacement), Evolution, etc..

Does this mean that firebird is taking up extra space and memory by not sharing?

There are ways to deal with dynamically loaded libraries...
prelinking and such. Multi threading (waiting for something to come from disk or
network, do something else)

I guess I don't know what XPCOM is... even though I've read lots of mozilla
developer docs... yay for acronyms!

Comment 2

15 years ago
Yes, Firebird takes up extra space by not sharing with other apps but probably
benefits (a great deal) by having a much smaller number of things to load up and
resolve at runtime, easier installation (unzip and run) and also a smaller disk
and memory footprint.

I suppose it could be built in either mode, but you would have to ask the
project leads rationale is for it. Probably it's done for the reasons I said above.
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8 years ago
The ActiveX embedding API was removed in bug 662023 and friends, making this INVALID.

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7 years ago
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