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wow... I was really stranged to find that... perhaps because of a bug? or was it
intentional?, Mozilla Firebird reactes to the add.NetscapePanel function with an
"Add Bookmark" dialog, instead of adding a Sidebar Panel (WebPanel it's called
in FBird, i guess...). I have heard and noted that Sidebar Panels aren't fully
implemented (the sidebar looks like a horrible imitation of M$IE's personal
bars), but what I've never thought before was that it was going to react in a so
incoherent way. It doesn't looks as a Linux-specific issue, but I marked it as
LInux-only just cause I haven't tested it in M$ Windoze. If the idea is to
implement a way of auto-adding bookmarks, I will be necessary to implement the
M$IE's addBookmark function, as it's sadly a standard... Perhaps not recognized
by the W3C, but every website uses it.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Try to add a Sidebar Panel in Fbird
2.Look what happens
3.Wow! Too much IEish, don't you think?

Actual Results:  
An "Add Bookmark" dialog appears

Expected Results:  
To add a Sidebar Psnel accessible, at least, via View-->Sidebar
it adds the sidebar URL version as a bookmark that is set to open in the sidebar.

this is how the sidebar impl works in Firebird, whether you like it or not.
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