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MSN authentication not supported using SMTP


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MSN requires their own flavor or authentication.  SMTP reports only "250-AUTH 
MSN" as an option (and you must authenticate to send mail).

POP mail also fails to authenticate.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
2. try to send mail

Google tells me that MSN authentication is the same as NTLM authentication, so 
if true, that might help with implemetation.
Well, in that case it should be bug 200436. But then we would have to recognize
'AUTH MSN', and route it to the NTLM implementation.
Depends on: 200436
I created a filter that allows Thunderbird to use MSN servers:
Attached patch proposed patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Unfortunately enabling the use of "AUTH MSN" isn't as easy as proposed in
comment #1. We don't only have to recognize MSN in the EHLO/AUTH response but
the MSN keyword has also to be used in the AUTH command. So we need a separate
flag for MSN to carry the state around.

For POP3 it's nevertheless quite easy.

But for SMTP adding MSN is much like adding a completely different
That's because Microsoft did it again. They not only ignore RFC 2821 and the
initial response argument, but implement the same authentication mechanism (MSN
*is* NTLM) with another keyword another way.
As Daniel found out while trying a simple SMTP patch from me, when using MSN
the server only accepts a three step procedure, 1. "AUTH MSN", 2. sending
initial NTLM string, 3. sending credentials in NTLM string.

In contrast NTLM keyword without initial response parameter does not appear to
work properly with Exchange server (according to ...

I took this patch as opportunity to make some more changes regarding the naming
of SMTP states and functions to generalize the two resp. three steps of
authentication. That's because AuthLoginUsername() and AuthLoginPassword()
started to not only do (or do even the contrast) what their names say some time
Assignee: sspitzer → ch.ey
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
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proposed patch

style nit: Can you make this "else if ()", i.e., on the same line?

+	   // if MSN enabled, clear it if we failed. 
+	 else

Also, can you add a comment about the non-standard things microsoft is doing?
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btw, thx for doing this, Christian!
Of course I can put else and if on the same line. But all other are two liners
in AuthLoginResponse(). I'll change all for the final patch.

> Also, can you add a comment about the non-standard things microsoft is doing?

Well, to use three steps isn't non-standard. To fail when initial response
parameter (two steps) is used is non-standard. I'll modify the comment to

And thanks to Daniel for testing and modifying my initial patch.
This addresses comment #4.
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patch with little layout changes

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fix checked in for Christian.
Closed: 20 years ago
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