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15 years ago
the purpose/market of the Firebird product isn't very clear to me.  My
suggestion is that you put together a feature comparison chart for the different
products so a casual user can easily identify which product is right for them. 
Here is an example of what I am thinking about   This lets the customer decide
which product meets their needs.
Thanks for all of your hard work.
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15 years ago
-> me

I'll make a draft of this.  

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15 years ago
Created attachment 134338 [details]
draft of product comparison page

Images are needed for yes, no, n/a and maybe.

After creating this, it occured to me that the Firebird project created
something similar at the time of the 0.7 release, but it was taken down.  See
bug 222294.  Features shown in that list should be included in this.

Also note that I know next to nothing about Camino.  I just didn't say whether
Camino had a feature or not.

Comment 3

15 years ago
we could pick off some hightlights from

and we should add  some things for all, firebird and tbird and seamonkey..


cross platform support...
languages international versions supported     
most secure internet client solution

smallest/fastest download and browser install  		
smallest/fastest download and mail client install 	
most advanced and streamlined user interface

reduces training and migration costs for users and and organizations familiar
with Netscape 4.x-7.1
Multi-profile support
Built in IRC Chat Client


15 years ago
Priority: -- → P3

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15 years ago
Comparison chart is useless. You can manipulate the data to say whatever you
want to say. For example:

                        Mozilla    Firebird    Thunderbird
Streamlined Interface      N          Y            Y
Customized Toolbar         N          Y            Y
Integrated Search          Y          Y
Bookmark Panels            N          Y
Custom Keywords            Y          Y
Downlaod Size            large      small         small
Installer                  y          n             n
Net installer              y          n             n

Note Mozilla clearly looses because the way you order things. But if you list
browser-mail integration first, and emphasize on Net installer (so that download
size doesn't matter), then Mozilla is the clear winner.

I don't like comparison chart because 1) I prefer Mozilla and I think Firebird
fans have been overrepresented 2) they are more for marketing and don't help
users make the right choices

Over to marketing due to obvious manipulating nature of this bug
Assignee: endico → bart
Component: → General
Product: → Marketing
QA Contact: imajes → chofmann
Version: other → unspecified

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15 years ago
Please, use 'alt' attribute for (currently empty) images

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15 years ago
If someone more familiar with CVS can find the Firebird product comparison I
think it would be a better place to start.

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15 years ago
I believe this is solved by the mozillaZine Knowledge Base: 
<>.  If you agree, close this bug.

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15 years ago
KB version needs some work but hopefully it will happen => FIXED
Last Resolved: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 9

15 years ago  looks good at quick glance; might need a a bit more
detail...  we need to do a detailed review, and then maybe figrure out how to
link in to some home page and product page places that make sense...   "what's
the diff erence between all these things is still a big


15 years ago
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