no line network.protocol-handler.external.mailto in about:config that FAQ suggests needs to be changed


14 years ago
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(Reporter: Clark Quinn, Assigned: R.J. Keller)


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14 years ago
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I want to change my default handler of 'mailto's in web pages from Mozilla's to
another.  I looked at the information on the site, and it says: "To make Mozilla
use another mail program, type about:config in the browser’s Location Bar and
then change network.protocol-handler.external.mailto to true."  However, in my
about:config, there is no such line.  The only one seems to be one about system
defaults, but that doesn't do the trick.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. type about:config into browser window
2. scroll through list to network.protocol-handler listings
3. note the absence of the 'mailto' version

Actual Results:  
I tried the last network.protocol-handler line about using system defaults
(which includes my preferred mailer), and set it, but it didn't fix the problem.
 Mailto's still want me to set up accounts within Mozilla's mail program, which
I'm not particularly interested in using.

Expected Results:  
I should have the network.protocol-handler.external.mailto and be able to set it.

I'd really like either the right procedure.  While you're at it, make Mozilla
allow copying of images on the page to the clipboard, and this experiment at
switching default browswers will be permanent.  I really like all but that I
can't use another mailer for mailto links, and that I can't copy images to the

Comment 1

14 years ago
Clark, you are right. Thanks for pointing this out.

Index: mozilla-org/html/start/1.4/faq/mail-news.html
RCS file: /cvsroot/mozilla-org/html/start/1.4/faq/mail-news.html,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 mail-news.html
--- mozilla-org/html/start/1.4/faq/mail-news.html	3 Nov 2003 06:21:25 -0000	1.8
+++ mozilla-org/html/start/1.4/faq/mail-news.html	6 Nov 2003 16:39:40 -0000
@@ -142,8 +142,10 @@
 <b>Windows, Macintosh:</b> To make Mozilla use another mail program,
-type <q><tt>about:config</tt></q> in the browser&#8217;s Location Bar and
-then change <tt>network.protocol-handler.external.mailto</tt> to <kbd>true</kbd>.
+type <q><tt>about:config</tt></q> in the browser&#8217;s Location Bar.
+Right click (option click on Mac OS) and choose New | Boolean. Type
+<kbd>network.protocol-handler.external.mailto</kbd> for the name
+and <kbd>true</kbd> for the value.
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Comment 2

10 years ago

looked at site.
OS: Mac OS X → All
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10 years ago
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