changes to mozilla/ipc do not show up on tinderbox [needs to be added to SeamonkeyAll ???]



15 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: darin.moz, Assigned: endico)





15 years ago
changes to mozilla/ipc do not show up on tinderbox [needs to be added to
SeamonkeyAll ???]

btw, mozilla/ipc just recently landed on the trunk.  it used to live on a
branch, so now that it is on the trunk, i think it makes sense for it to be
added to SeamonkeyAll (or whatever).  thx!
define what you mean by "changes don't show up"...  show up where?

Do they show up in Bonsai when you query on recent changes?  Tinderbox just uses
the checkin logs from Bonsai.

If there's a specific tinderbox testing this stuff then you probably need to
talk to whoever's running that tinderbox to configure it for a different tree page.

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15 years ago
dave: i'm sorry for not being clear.  i was referring to the list of checkins
shown on the main tinderbox page for mozilla:

i made a checkin today under mozilla/ipc/ipcd, and it did not show up on that
page.  however, when i go and look at bonsai, i see my changes listed under the
following modules:

  All Files in the Repository

here is the query run by that tinderbox page when i click on a timestamp over on
the left hand side of the page:

it is strange that the tinderbox query would not show changes to
mozilla/ipc/ipcd because when i query changes to MozillaTinderboxAll directly
from, i see the changes.
Darin: is this still true?


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15 years ago
well, in fact.. no.  it seems to be fixed now.  or at least it worksforme now :-)
Last Resolved: 15 years ago
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