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(Reporter: michael.maeda, Assigned: Bienvenu)


Windows 98

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The Mozilla documentation states -  "By default, Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups
stores copies of your outgoing messages in the Sent folder for the current account.

This is not being done for my outgoing messages.  I even went to Edit->Mail &
Newsgroups->Copies & Folders and manually checked "Place a Copy In" and filled
the Sent button.  

None of the 6 test messages I sent (to myself) were stored in Sent folder on
the IMAP server.  

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Entered email addressed to michael.maeda@sun.com or one of my web-based accts
2.  Clicked Send button
3.  Checked Sent folder... none of the 6 test messages was copied there.

Actual Results:  
None of the test messages were copied/stored in the Sent mail folder 

Expected Results:  
Copies of the messages should have been stored in the Sent foldedr

This bug would cause me and could cause others to reject usage of Mozilla mail
client (and possibly suite).
(1) Does problem still occur on latest nightly?
(2) Do you have "Sent" folder?
(3) If no, can you create "Sent" folder?
(4) If yes, isn't it "sent" folder instead of "Sent" folder?

See http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=34079&highlight=imap+sent+folder

Comment 2

15 years ago
Had similar problem with sent, draft, and templates folder. Equivalent problem 
is failure to retain check marked and radio settings in "copies & folders". 
Problem resolved via string editing of specific user_prefs in prefs.js related 
to sent, drafts, and template folders and to server-name strings.

System: WinXP and Mozilla 1.5, but the problems is probably common to WinOSes 
and other Mozillas

I think problem arose as a consequence of a two-step transition (I did this!)
1 - Upgraded to Mozilla 1.5 from Netscape 4.79 with profile conversion
2 - Changed ISP and thus edited outbound mail server address.

By comparison with clean install Mozilla prefs.js from a different PC, I 
observed file paths for clean Mozilla use %40 as separator whereas the sick 
Mozilla uses %25. Also looked like some other user prefs lines in user_pref
("mail.xxx") sections differed in clean prefs.js compared to bad one. 

Resolved by editing prefs.js (example: tediously replaced sent, draft, template 
folder paths and other "mail." strings with equivalent phrases from new Mozilla 
installation. When Mozilla mail started again, sent and draft folders worked 

My guess is that the Mozilla installed via the upgrade path doesn't know how to 
handle changed mail servers. That type of change should establish a new "server-
named" directory just below the \\MAIL directory with equivalent changes in 
prefs.js. I don't think prefs.js changes server pointers and I don't think the 
new mail-server folder is established correctly.

Thanks to those whose good intuitions suggested a possible relationship with 
changes in ISP and with upgrades.


To Comment #2 From andy colb :

> 2 - Changed ISP and thus edited outbound mail server address.

Do you mean editied prefs.js directly and changed mail.server.serverN.hostname
and/or mail.server.serverN.userName?
If yes, it is user error.

When user change server name and user name from account setting UI, new(changed)
server name and user name are saved in mail.server.serverN.realhostname and
See Bug 14295

These realuserName/realhostname are used in login to server when chaged but
initial userName/hostname are used in internal mail path.
Therefore if you change username/hostname in prefs.js manually, you have to
change manually all internal mail path specification kept in Mozilla's profile,
filters and so on too.

In addition, your case seems to relate to problem when "%" in user name or
server name - "%25" is escaped form of "%".
See also Bug 221386 Comment #9

Comment 4

15 years ago
I also am having the same problem, recently upgraded from 1.5 to 1.6 and the
mail app stopped saving my outgoing messages. Will not save when checked in the
mail settings. I am running 1.6 on WinXP Pro.
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