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Download window should GetAttention when download is complete


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The dialog box which shows the progress of a download should have a checkbox in
it, below the progress indicator:

[ ] Alert me when this download is complete

If the checkbox is checked during the download, then when the download is
completed an alert box should be shown, telling the user that the download is

The checkbox should be off by default, so that (unlike with IE) repeated very
short downloads do not cause annoying and unnecessary `Download complete'
messages. Typically, a user would only check the checkbox if they were
downloading a file which was going to take several minutes, and wished to do
some other work in Mozilla while the download was taking place.
Summary: Download window should contain alert-when-finished checkbox → [RFE] Download window should contain alert-when-finished checkbox
Target Milestone: M20
Good idea, actually ...
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Target Milestone: M20 → Future
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Let's put some information in the taskbar icon conveying how far the download 
is (bug 36776), and then come back to see if this is necessary.
A very simple change would provide much of the benefit with "no" added complexity:

When the download is complete, (i.e. in the same function that writes "download
completed" in the dialog) also change the dialog box caption from "saving file"
to "download completed".
RE: comment #8


 61 // Indicate completion in status area.
 62 var msg = getString( "completeMsg" );
 63 msg = replaceInsert( msg, 1, formatSeconds( elapsed/1000 ) );
 64 dialog.status.setAttribute("value", msg);

dialog.title = msg
//or maybe

 66 // Put progress meter at 100%.

I will do some more research to find out which is the correct syntax.
(And as soon as I can find this file in the install, I will even test it :-))
The file's in chrome/toolkit.jar in the install
(content/global/progressDlg/nsProgressDlg.js inside the jar)
Please don't invest time working on that code.  It is being replaced; see
comments  in bug 27609 and the new code at

That code does indicate completion in the title (i.e., "Saving (100%)").
But the percentage should be first so it's visible in the taskbar.
OK, I'll buy that (subject to complaints from other kibitzers).  Can you make
that comment over in bug 27609 where the new progress dialog code is being reviewed?

Blake, you might want to have a look at the entire implementation of the dialog
so you can spot additional such stuff.
Mister Law, sir! I would like to retract this bug. It's silly, and I'm 
embarrassed at having filed it. (In my defence, I was very young at the time.) 
GetAttention was made for this sort of thing.
Does that mean you want to modify it to say: "Download window should 'get
attention' when download completes"?
Yep, that'd work. I'll add that when I next update the spec. Morphing summary.
Summary: [RFE] Download window should contain alert-when-finished checkbox → Download window should GetAttention when download is complete
QA Contact: sairuh → petersen
As far as I can tell, this already functions like this. Annoying too. I'll start
hundred meg downloads, go to play a game, and when the download is completed, I
get ripped out of whatever I'm doing to be told that the download is completed.
The work around for this is to check the 'close when completed' check box.
No, that would be a separate bug. GetAttention does(/should) not focus windows.
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Assignee: law → cbiesinger
Target Milestone: Future → mozilla1.5alpha
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Checking in ui/progressDlg/nsProgressDialog.js;
/cvsroot/mozilla/embedding/components/ui/progressDlg/nsProgressDialog.js,v  <--
new revision: 1.29; previous revision: 1.28
Closed: 21 years ago
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