First tab cannot be immediately closed if others opened in the background.



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Recent builds have introduced an annoying (mis)behaviour whereby the first tab
cannot be closed if you've opened others in the background and not yet clicked
on them.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a new browser window.
2. Open a new tab in the background, but don't click on it.
3. Try to close your first tab (which has never lost focus).

Actual Results:  
Nothing happens, the tab doesn't close.

Expected Results:  
The tab should close, and focus go to the tab to its right.

If at any time you've clicked on one of the other tabs, you can then close the
first one - whether it currently has focus or not.  (If you click back to it
again so that you're in the same state as before, it will now work.  The only
difference is that at some point during the browsing session it will have lost

Why would you open a browser window, open one of more tabs in the background,
then want to close your first tab before visiting the other tabs?  I do this
quite frequently when visiting news sites, looking at bugs, etc.  Whenever I go
to a page that has a bunch of links I'm interested in, open the ones I want in
the background, then close the "index" page in order to move on to the first item.

This only started happening in the past few days, so it's definitely a regression.


15 years ago
Keywords: regression
I have the same bug here, but seems to append with every leftmost tab, and not
necessarily the first openned tab.
However I wasn't able to reproduce the bug in Safe-Mode; so I tried to uninstall
the Web Developer extension (the only one I had except the default ones), and
the bug diseapeared.

Now, is it a regression in the internal behavior or just a bug in the extension ?

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13 years ago
Is this the same bug as bug 330311 or a different issue?
Product: Core → SeaMonkey

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9 years ago
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
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