bookmarks in the personal toolbar don't show up



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on the second navigator window, the bookmarks in the personal toolbar don't show
up, until I click on it.

on the first navigator window, I have this in my personal toolbar:

Bookmarks Home Tinderbox Bugs EnterBug webcal

if I open a second navigator window, I will only see this:


in the personal toolbar.  once I click on the Bookmarks button, I the
rest of the toolbar text buttons show up.

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18 years ago
cc'ing Chris


18 years ago
Assignee: nobody → waterson
Target Milestone: M13


18 years ago

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18 years ago
this is probably mine. i'll take a look.

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18 years ago
seth: are you still seeing this?
ok, here's how to reproduce this.

rm ~/.mozilla
mozilla -installer
(when its done, this will launch a browser, with the toolbar looking ok)
File | New Navigator Window

the second navigator window only has "Bookmarks", until I click on "Bookmarks"
and the rest appear
more info:

my personal toolbar has a lot of links, so many that when the browser comes up
they run off the right edge.

I just noticed that when this bug happens, if I resize the navigator window and
make it wider, the toolbar links appear!

making it taller has no effect.

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18 years ago
i just tried adding a bunch of bookmarks to my personal toolbar, ran with
"-installer" and still wasn't able to reproduce this problem. :-(
so many that it ran of the edge, huh?

I'll attach my bookmarks.html


18 years ago
Target Milestone: M13 → M14


18 years ago
Summary: on the second navigator window, the bookmarks in the personal toolbar don't show up → bookmarks in the personal toolbar don't show up

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18 years ago
Shorter summary.
I can reproduce on my tree here, and at home;
PToolbar items that are folders do not render.
they are there, you can click on them, but ?
I have to hunt around for things.

I see this problem on my first browser window,
not just the 2nd as sspitzer reports.

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18 years ago
I have one top-level PToolbar item that
is just a bookmark (not a folder), and that
one shows up Ok!

Linux & WinNT.
mcafee, for me, they are there, they are just REALLY hard to see because they
are black on dark blue.
mcafee, see possibly related bug #24263 to your problem.

waterson, the original bug is NOT happening for me on linux with the
bookmarks.html file I attached to this bug report.

this may be a works for me.  (the other bug, black on dark blue) is still a
problem and is assigned to hyatt.

waterson, if you want to mark this one marks for me, go ahead.


18 years ago
Last Resolved: 18 years ago
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18 years ago
oh baby

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18 years ago
sspitzer: ok

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