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"Save all files to this folder" doesn't apply to "Save Image as..."


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The "Save files to fhis folder" feature seems to only work for "Save link To
disk". It would be cool if this feature also worked for "Save image as..."

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Find an image you wish to steal
2. Select "Save image as..."
3. Click on "Save" in "Save as" dialog box
4. Goto 1

Actual Results:  
Save as dialog box takes a long time to load, especially when the default is
selected each time.

Expected Results:  
Eliminate step 3.

Firebird enhances my user experience daily. Keep up the good work.
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Save Files to This Folder → "Save all files to this folder" doesn't apply to "Save Image as..."
i encounter this trouble when i want to save *.exe or *.pdf. that sounds unlikely, considering that *.exe and *.pdf
are not images. since your problem isn't this bug, you should keep
searching or file a new bug.
It's inconsistent that saved images are listed in the download manager, but
aren't affected by the download options which explicitly refer to "all files".
See also bug 232702, *opposite* bug for "Save Link As...".
taking qa
QA Contact: aebrahim
"Save Link As..." was recently changed to have the same behavior as "Save Image
As..." :(  See bug 244961.
I really appreciate the fact that FF makes it easy to download images to a
different folder than the default download folder.  

I'm frequently working on projects in vastly different places in my filesystem,
and will want to save a dozen images in a row to one place, and then another
dozen to another, neither of which is ever anywhere near the downloads folder I
use as a depository for all installers and archives (for instance, the
self-starting downloads from Sourceforge, which don't give an option to download
to another location).  

Anyhow, if this change is made, can there be a preference to revert to the
original behavior?
I would love this feature to return.
Additionally, the Save Image As... (or Ctrl-S / Apple-S on an image) works
sporadically since this change was first made.  It always worked fine when the
files were automaticall saved, but since this change I often get no dialog when
trying to save an image, until I try a few times.
QA Contact: ali → download.manager
Assignee: bugs → nobody
Depends on: 394910
This change was in fact intentional.  WONTFIX
Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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