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[rfe] "Deleted" icon obliviates message status



15 years ago
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15 years ago
Now that there are separate icons for a message that is new, read, replied to,
forwarded, and even replied-and-forwarded; I notice that when you delete a
message it shows only the one "deleted" icon.  I suspect it would be "hard" to
implement a masked X image to be mapped over the previously existing icon, but I
presume it would be easy (even if iterative and annoying to do) to make a bunch
of different delete icons.
My real complaint was not being able to see that a message had been replied to
while it was marked as deleted (using IMAP accounts, and "mark as deleted"
rather than "move to trash"); but I've since noticed that new vs. unread vs.
read also get obliviated.  This makes the problem more painful to fix, but it's
the same problem.
Anyone else agree that this is a worthy RFE?  Not critical, for sure, but I'd
certainly like to see it fixed.  And you're advertising the moving of the status
into a visual state into the icon as a feature, but if you make the status
disappear when a message is deleted, then it's less valuable IMHO.

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14 years ago
Does noone else agree this would be a valuable enhancement?  Can we get the
extra icons (and small amount of code to use them) in before 0.8?
Would you like me to create icons?  I assume that'd be easier than a "deleted"
over-icon, tho that might be more efficient for size of the distribution...
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