BeOS triggers (access-keys/mnemonics) are implemented using Ctrl+key instead of Cmd+Esc -> key (Accel+Esc -> key)




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14 years ago
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(Reporter: Prognathous, Assigned: timeless)



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14 years ago
User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (BeOS; U; BeOS BePC; en-US; rv:1.7a) Gecko/20040104
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (BeOS; U; BeOS BePC; en-US; rv:1.7a) Gecko/20040104

BeOS triggers (mnemonics) are implemented using a sequence that resembles
Windows and Unix, but is simply off the target in our case. Triggers should be
initiated by pressing Accel+Esc (Alt+Esc on x86-BeOS), and this is then followed
by pressing the underlined keys.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
In the browser window, press Alt+Esc.

Actual Results:  
Nothing happens.

Expected Results:  
The first menu entry (File) should be highlighted.

Comment 1

14 years ago
You are in BeOS.
please, read carefully discussion for bugs

(so, now you should understand, why Ctrl is in play in your case. Change
BeOS-wide setting for menu keys, and you will use Alt.)

And now about Esc. After that discussion with dbaron i don't have any intention
or power to do something in Mozilla key handling which will be natural for BeOS.

Maybe someone else will do.

Also, you did same mistake in this bug report, as my opponents.
BeOS Don't use Alt+Esc. BeOS uses ShortcutKey+Esc.

Comment 2

14 years ago
Here's a quote from Be. Inc. very own documentation, taken from

    * Using triggers -- Trigger letters are those underlined in a menu's title
or in a menu item. Menu title triggers appear when you click a menu title. If
you want menu title triggers to be visible without opening the menu first, press
*Alt+Escape*; then press the underlined letter to open the menu. Choose an item
from the menu by pressing its trigger letter (note that not all items have
trigger letters).

The lists below summarize navigating menus and selecting items:

To open a menu...

    * Click the menu title and release the mouse.
    * Click themenu title and hold the mouse button.
    * Enable triggers (Alt+Escape) and type the menu title's trigger letter.

To navigate a menu...

    * Drag the mouse through menu items.
    * Press the up or down arrow in an open menu.

To choose a menu item...

    * Click the item with the mouse.
    * Type the item's trigger letter (if it has one).
    * Highlight an item by dragging with the mouse or using the arrow keys, then
press Enter.

To close a menu without choosing a menu item...

    * Click elsewhere in the window.
    * Press the Escape key.

This ^^ is how it *should* work (note the use of Alt+Escape). Now, I understand
that the implementation may be difficult considering the current Mozilla
architecture, but I believe that this bug should remain open - at least as a
reference for future enhancements.



13 years ago
Assignee: aaronleventhal → timeless

Comment 3

13 years ago
One reasonable workaround is to set ui.key.menuAccessKey to 0 in the default
BeOS build. This pref hides menu triggers, which should suffice to make Bezilla
more BeOS-like.

To really fix this bug, Alt+Esc (to show triggers) needs to be implemented.

Hardware: Other → PC
Summary: BeOS triggers are implemented using Ctrl+key instead of Alt+Esc -> key → BeOS triggers (access-keys/mnemonics) are implemented using Ctrl+key instead of Alt+Esc -> key

Comment 4

13 years ago
Ok, I'm now convinced that the Be. inc. document I quoted in comment #2 is
inaccurate. Alt should have been listed as Cmd, but the technical writer who
wrote it probably decided to leave it as Alt to be easier on the eyes of common
PC users ("there's no Cmd button on my keyboard!")

This is clearly documented in R5: "Most of the modifiers map to single, specific
keys: Shift and Caps Lock are examples. But others don't: the Menu key maps to
Shortcut+Escape (either Alt-Escape, Command-Escape, or Control-Escape, depending
on your preferences and the keyboard the user is using"


Summary: BeOS triggers (access-keys/mnemonics) are implemented using Ctrl+key instead of Alt+Esc -> key → BeOS triggers (access-keys/mnemonics) are implemented using Ctrl+key instead of Cmd+Esc -> key (Accel+Esc -> key)
QA Contact: keyboard.navigation
Sorry, but BeOS support has been removed from mozilla-central.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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