hangs when there are too many new messages to fit in a single command



15 years ago
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15 years ago
Last week I'd not been able to keep Mozilla running to deal with incoming email,
and so had approx 1000 new messages in my inbox. When I finally got back online
to download them, it hung after downloading the headers. An IMAP protocol log
shows that a FETCH command is failing. Mozilla doesn't present any error
messages, and you can't exit mozilla normally.

From the protocol log, it appears that the command that failed is being cut off
in the middle of the list of messages to FETCH.

I eventually fixed the problem by setting up a copy of Evolution and deleting
90% or so of those messages (all the spam) by hand. Then mozilla started working
perfectly again.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I didn't actually save the log, but I'll look.

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15 years ago
Oh, and the copy of mozilla that I was using was only a week or so old when I
had the problem.

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15 years ago
Moz 1.6 limits the length of its hdr fetch commands to 950 bytes, which should
be a reasonable length. Do you remember what the error on the FETCH command
failing was? Was it a too long command? The log actually cuts the lines at 600
bytes or something, but the whole command is sent to the server.

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15 years ago
Please let me know if you can reproduce this, and generate a log. thx.
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10 years ago
David, Dan no longer uses TB, so closingincomplete
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