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xpcomsmp and nsTestSample have bad dependencies


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I think xpcomsmp and nsTestSample have bad dependencies, judging from the fact
that every time somebody touches a global header, the codesize numbers on beast
show big fluctuations in those two files based on old changes.  They may be
linking in XPCOM glue but not depending on it, or something like that.
OS: Linux → Windows 2000
That was probably true before bryner's checkin for bug 231162 a few days ago. 
Can you provide a link to the log that shows the dependency problem?
I don't know what it was that they should have depended on.  I just know that
whenever somebody touches something like a string header that makes the world
rebuild, they change size due to other checkins.  For example, see the beast
cycles that started at:
 2004-01-29 12:36
 2004-01-28 20:26
(I admit that they could be fluctuating wildly for some reason other than a
dependency problem, but it seems like the most likely candidate.)
I thought you were talking about the libraries.  It's the test programs that
have the dependency problem.  They are SIMPLE_PROGRAMS which only have a
dependency upon their object file and EXTRA_DEPS and we're not setting
EXTRA_DEPS in those Makefiles.  I guessing those aren't the only places.
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