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int. chars in From field doesn't work.


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Windows 98


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I have:
user_pref("mail.identity.id1.useremail", "");
user_pref("mail.identity.id1.fullName", "Hænrik Gømal");

But when composing a mail the From field says:
"Hrik Gal<>"

Build 20000105
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cc: momoi
This problem is indeed related to Bug 23268.
I think what happened is that you saw that the prefs.js entry
was unreadable because it was in UTF-8. So this was edited back to
Latin 1. But Mozilla expects UTF-8 encoded data from the prefs.js
and that is probably why you cannot see this name correctly.

We know that the current builds support Latin 1 display here
and not known to have this problem unless the prefs.js file
is corrupted.

My suggestion would be to start with a new profile and
put in a new "From" name using the Edit | Account Setup
menu and not directly edit prefs.js unless you have an
UTF-8 capable editor.

If you want to edit prefs.js directly and if it includes
non-ASCII characters, then please follow the steps outlined in
M12 International Release Notes.

Under the Browser section, there is an item called "Font Preferences: ".
There I discuss how to insert non-ASCII font names into prefs.js without
corrupting it. The same principle would apply here.

Please give that method a try and see if that would not solve your problem.
Target Milestone: M13
accepting. Alecf, it is yours?
I think this is user error - Henrik - did you hand-edit your prefs after you saw
bug 23268? (which turned out not to be a bug)
I notice that in bug 23268, you have your fullName as
user_pref("mail.identity.id2.fullName", "Hænrik Gømal");
which is the correct, UTF8 notation for your full name.
Yes I handedited the prefs file, so perhaps this bug is invalid?
Yes. I think so unless you create a fresh profile and use the "Edit | Account setup" to insert
Latin 1 accented characters and then see this kind of problem.
We are working on a plan to use Mozilla composer to edit the prefs.js file directly. Hopefully we will
get an UTF-8 editor which can open .js type file soon. (Iit's a matter of recognizing MIME
type and can't be that difficult.)
Henrik, if you agree, please resolve this bug as invalid.
Editing of the prefs.js file cool!
Will this include on-the-fly changes? Meaning that when you change something and
press save the prefs are reloaded! That would be supercoool!
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Bye bye bug!
henrik -you can hand-edit your prefs between launches of the browser, but we
don't eve plan on supporting the edit-and-reload-prefs that you describe
With 1/13/2000 Win32 build, Latin 1 accented names are supported OK as long the characters
are stored in UTF-8. The best way currently is to use the Edit | Account setup window.
When Composer can deal with .js files, you should be able to edit prefs.js file easily with
8-bit characters in UTF-8. Otherwise, use nsconv to convert native charset data to UTF-8
as descrbed in:

Verified as invalid.
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Product: Core → MailNews Core
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