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Shift + Click in Read column = Mark Thread Read


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When reading news, sometimes I'd like to mark the entire thread read without 
reading any of it.  There is a context menu item for Mark Thread Read, as well 
as Mark Message Read.  But Mark Message Read can also be accomplished by 
clicking in the Read/Unread column.

I would like to see Shift+Click in that column result in marking the thread 
Blocks: 236849
Pressing the letter "t" will also mark the thread as read and bring you to the
next article.  This is probably easier than shift + Click in the Read Column.
That is insufficient.  I do not want any message to be selected at the time I 
mark the thread read, just as the message does not need to be selected (nor is 
selected as a result) when you click in the Read column without a shift.
I mis-read your original description.  
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imho, this is also a valid use case for threads on mailing lists.
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