[PP] gtk 1.1.9 build crashes on startup



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20 years ago
10 years ago


(Reporter: Akkana Peck, Assigned: Ramiro Estrugo)


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20 years ago
The Linux build crashes on startup looking for fonts.  This is on a machine
using the Xaccel server, but I hear that a machine with XFree86 saw a hang that
sounded like the same problem.  This happened in the last 24 hours, so I'm
cc'ing people who have made checkins which look like they could possibly be

#2  0x40b7984f in abort () at ../sysdeps/generic/abort.c:83
#3  0x4097afab in g_logv ()
#4  0x4097b066 in g_log ()
#5  0x4093e840 in gdk_x_error ()
#6  0x409dce86 in _XError ()
#7  0x409db3c7 in _XReply ()
#8  0x409bd7a9 in XListFontsWithInfo ()
#9  0x400b8d40 in nsDeviceContextGTK::CheckFontExistence (this=0x80dac80,
    at ../../../../mozilla/gfx/src/gtk/nsDeviceContextGTK.cpp:156
#10 0x400a5b12 in FontEnumCallback (aFamily=@0xbfffdda0, aGeneric=0,
    aData=0xbfffde58) at ../../../mozilla/gfx/src/nsDeviceContext.cpp:418
#11 0x400a06d5 in nsFont::EnumerateFamilies (this=0x81ed278,
    aFunc=0x400a5aa8 <FontEnumCallback(nsString const &, int, void *)>,
    aData=0xbfffde58) at ../../../mozilla/gfx/src/nsFont.cpp:151
#12 0x400a5bc2 in DeviceContextImpl::FirstExistingFont (this=0x80dac80,
    aFont=@0x81ed278, aFaceName=@0xbfffdeb0)
    at ../../../mozilla/gfx/src/nsDeviceContext.cpp:429
#13 0x40287be7 in MapAttributesInto (aAttributes=0x81db420,
    aContext=0x81ed248, aPresContext=0x8184da0)
    at ../../../../../mozilla/layout/html/content/src/nsHTMLFontElement.cpp:219
#14 0x402fecc6 in HTMLAttributesImpl::MapStyleInto (this=0x81db420,
    aContext=0x81ed248, aPresContext=0x8184da0)
    at ../../../../../mozilla/layout/html/style/src/nsHTMLAttributes.cpp:832
#15 0x4037855b in MapStyleRule (aRule=0x81db424, aData=0xbfffdfd0)
    at ../../../../mozilla/layout/base/src/nsStyleContext.cpp:1143
#16 0x407d69b5 in SupportsArrayImpl::EnumerateForwards (this=0x81ed220,
    aFunc=0x40378538 <MapStyleRule(nsISupports *, void *)>, aData=0xbfffdfd0)
    at ../../../mozilla/xpcom/src/nsSupportsArray.cpp:350
#17 0x403786ec in StyleContextImpl::RemapStyle (this=0x81ed248,
    at ../../../../mozilla/layout/base/src/nsStyleContext.cpp:1172
#18 0x40378848 in StyleContextImpl::RemapStyle (this=0x81e2d10,
    at ../../../../mozilla/layout/base/src/nsStyleContext.cpp:1217
#19 0x40378848 in StyleContextImpl::RemapStyle (this=0x81d67c8,
    at ../../../../mozilla/layout/base/src/nsStyleContext.cpp:1217
#20 0x4032489b in nsFrame::ReResolveStyleContext (this=0x81d6100,
    aPresContext=0x8184da0, aParentContext=0x81d6438)
    at ../../../../../mozilla/layout/html/base/src/nsFrame.cpp:418
#21 0x4031fd0b in nsBlockFrame::ReResolveStyleContext (this=0x81d6100,
    aPresContext=0x8184da0, aParentContext=0x81d6438)
    at ../../../../../mozilla/layout/html/base/src/nsBlockFrame.cpp:4193
#22 0x40321125 in nsBlockFrame::WillReflowFrame (this=0x81d5af0,
    aState=@0xbfffe878, aLine=0x81d63d0, aFrame=0x81d6100)
    at ../../../../../mozilla/layout/html/base/src/nsBlockFrame.cpp:4941
#23 0x4031ce47 in nsBaseIBFrame::ReflowBlockFrame (this=0x81d5af0,
    aState=@0xbfffe878, aLine=0x81d63d0, aKeepReflowGoing=@0xbfffe218)
    at ../../../../../mozilla/layout/html/base/src/nsBlockFrame.cpp:2114

Comment 1

20 years ago
One additional comment: for test0.html it's looking for the font
"*-Verdana-*-*-normal--*-*-75-75-*-*-*", which isn't on my machine, but if I
start up pointing at mozilla.org it crashes in the same place looking for
"*-Times-*-*-normal--*-*-75-75-*-*-*", which is on my machine.  So it's not an
issue of whether the font exists or not; it's something about how we're calling

Comment 2

20 years ago
I can read test0.html... i'm building without pthreads, egcs 1.0.3,
with-static-gtk and i can partially get www.netscape.com to layout (with some
resizing finagling). http://www.mozilla.org crashes, though. Here's the stack:

#0  0x40a29811 in __kill ()
#1  0x40a2963f in raise (sig=6) at ../sysdeps/posix/raise.c:27
#2  0x40a2a84f in abort () at ../sysdeps/generic/abort.c:83
#3  0x4013f744 in g_logv (log_domain=0x40160e74 "Gdk",
    format=0x4016109a "%s\n  serial %ld error_code %d request_code %d minor_code
 %d\n", args1=0xbfffef08) at gmessages.c:333
#4  0x4013f791 in g_log (log_domain=0x40160e74 "Gdk",
    format=0x4016109a "%s\n  serial %ld error_code %d request_code %d minor_code
 %d\n") at gmessages.c:349
#5  0x40129feb in gdk_x_error (display=0x80a0000, error=0xbfffef90)
    at gdk.c:3084
#6  0x408c68b4 in _XError ()
#7  0x408c41da in _XEventsQueued ()
#8  0x408b9674 in XPending ()
#9  0x401290be in gdk_event_wait () at gdk.c:1950
#10 0x40128681 in gdk_event_get () at gdk.c:1002
#11 0x400ea5e7 in gtk_main_iteration_do (blocking=1) at gtkmain.c:713
#12 0x400ea576 in gtk_main_iteration () at gtkmain.c:658
#13 0x400ea429 in gtk_main () at gtkmain.c:562
#14 0x400ac880 in nsAppShell::Run ()
#15 0x80540e9 in nsNativeViewerApp::Run ()
#16 0x805427c in main ()


20 years ago
Assignee: rickg → pavlov

Comment 3

20 years ago
akkana's problem seems like either a bug in the X server or in the way fonts are
being interrogated. Apparently this only happens with certain X servers.
The offending code (in nsDeviceContextGTK.cpp) is merely trying to establish if
the passed font family is present on the system.


20 years ago
Assignee: pavlov → ramiro

Comment 4

20 years ago
Reassigning to ramiro.

This seems to be a gtk dependancy problem.  I dont think its a mozilla problem.
I built with the latest cvs gtk and the browser seems to be at least as good (or
bad) as yesterday.

Im working on solving the dependancy problem.

Comment 5

20 years ago
It's not an Xaccel problem.  I switched to XFree86 and I still see the same
crash.  Might still be a gtk 1.1.9 problem; odd that it doesn't happen with
either 1.1.6 or 1.1.12.


20 years ago
Severity: normal → major

Comment 6

20 years ago
Interestingly, I don't crash if I run with the display pointed at an Irix box
instead of directed to the local Linux machine.


20 years ago
Severity: major → normal

Comment 7

20 years ago
It was a gtk 1.1.9 problem after all!  I downgraded to 1.1.7 and the problem
went away.


20 years ago
Last Resolved: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: [PP] Linux build crashes on startup → [PP] gtk 1.1.9 build crashes on startup

Comment 8

20 years ago
Changing summary and closing bug since this clearly seemed to be a gtk 1.1.9


20 years ago

Comment 9

20 years ago
verified in 1/26 build.

Comment 10

20 years ago
Inserting Milestone info.


20 years ago
QA Contact: 4079

Comment 11

20 years ago
setting qa_contact field.
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