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css properties of stylesheets not accessible via JS until set via JS


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Overview description

At least the backroundColor and top properties of a layer are not accessible via
Javascript until they are set via Javascript

Steps to reproduce:

1: go toget:
2: the fist alert is reading the top propertie of the invisible layer2.
3: After it is moved, the property is read again and it is available then.
4: for the backgroundColor, download the url above and the related filed
(formlayer.css, formlayer.js and browsercheck.js
5: edit the html file and set workaround1 to 'false'  (if set to true it sets
the backgroundColor via Javascript as a workaround
6: load the page an DO NOT type anything in the first text input
7: press 'next layer'
8: follow the alerts and see that de initial backgroundcolor cannot be read.
and look.....(try finding the dropdown list of layer 1 on the position it was.
9: do the same with workaround1 set to 'true' and see..

Actual results:
default background colors can not be read and stored for later use (try to use
the application. we want to set the initial colors through external css files,
not via javascript but need the default colors for 'resetting' them)

Expected results:
values can be read (try ns4, although a little different, backgroundcolors work

Build and dates:

Verified on W95 with the 2000010516 build
Verified on Linux with the 20000108?? build
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
The current implementation of the CSS model does not have a way to read computed
style - only explicitly specified style properties are supported. The most
current version of DOM Level 2 does include a way to explicitly query for
computed style properties. Again, querying the base model will not get you
default colors.

Also, I'd need a non-layer version of the test to try it in Mozilla - the
document.layers array is no longer supported.
Mass update of qa contact
QA Contact: gerardok → janc
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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