Investigate possibility of using Volume: Up/Down/Mute Voice and Record as a scroll device



15 years ago
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Asa and Marcia discussed this possibility today after discovering this nifty
feature on the left hand side of the device. If we were to enable this to allow
scrolling it could greatly benefit the user experience. Not sure if technically
feasible, filing this for exploration.

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14 years ago
This sounds like a good idea, I think the biggest challenge is figuring out  if
all of those buttons are the same on every device.  The up down left right pad
on my rx 3115 would be great, and I have one other button, but it is changeable
in the main preferences.  Currently I switch it between voice recognition and
record my voice, depending how I am feeling, but I guess my point is, that not
all devices have those buttons. so make sure it is flexible.


14 years ago
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13 years ago
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
the buttons you referto are on most windows mobile standard 5 devices and up . and I know they can be sued because there are other home brew apps tat use it for zooming/scrolling... It would make for a big functionality boost I am sure 
Is this still an issue now that a much more reliable system is in place (for fennec)?
Natch: This is a really old bug that I filed back in the Minimo days. We can likely close this out if the Fennec team thinks it is not longer relevant.
marking wanted-fennec? to get this triaged.
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10 years ago
I would keep it at least until some progress is made to NONtouchscreen devices .. then triage it...
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this isn't going to happen.  using the volume for volume control is what people expect.
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