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14 years ago
See bug 234464 for the context of this bug.

In order to avoid excessive typing and keep queries short, Quicksearch offers some
abbreviations and shortcuts, as described in the online documentation at
http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/quicksearch.html and
Here is a summary.

* Abbreviations of Field Names

  Many field: prefixes can abbreviated, for example:
    pri:    for  priority:
    sev:    for  severity:
    rep:    for  reporter:
    prod:   for  product:
    comp:   for  component:
    ver:    for  version:
    desc:   for  description:
    sw:     for  whiteboard:
    kw:     for  keywords: 
  In fact, these are just aliases.  There are other aliases which aren't 
  abbreviations, e.g. assignee: for owner: .  Changing the list of aliases 
  is trivial.
* Symbol shortcuts 

  Some prefixes have symbol shortcuts.
    :area        product,component:area
    @owner       assignedto:owner
    !crash       keywords:crash

* Automatic prefixes (i.e. prefixes which can be omitted):

  For the three-character prefixes of severity values as they appear on bug
  lists, the severity: prefix can be omitted: blo, cri, maj, nor, min, tri, enh

  The same applies to priority values (p1, p2, p3, p4, p5).  Additionally,
  priority intervals can be specified as p1-2 . 

* Status and Resolution

  By default, only open bugs are searched.  If the query contains a
  status or resolution condition, then this condition is used *instead*.
  (To discuss how status and resolution should be handled, please split this
  into a separate bug as it is not strictly an abbreviation/shortcut issue.)

  For status: and resolution:, the three- or four-letter prefixes as they are 
  displayed on bug lists, can be used without the corresponding prefix if they
  appear at the beginning of the query in all-caps.
  In fact, any unambiguous prefix of a status or resolution value is accepted.
  ALL is an abbreviation for UNCO,NEW,ASSI,RESO,VERI,CLOS .
  Using a + before a list of resolutions (e.g. +DUP,FIX) means including
  bugs with the given resolution(s) in the search, in addition to open bugs.

Comment 1

14 years ago
Personally, I find aliases / abbreviations of field names very useful.  I
haven't used automatic prefixes for severity and priority very much; their
usefulness is not clear to me any more, now that there are the sev: and pri:
abbreviations.  As far as symbol shortcuts are concerned, !foo is certainly
obsolete when you can type kw:foo instead.  However, in my queries I heavily
used :area and @owner.  But if p: and c: are agreed upon as new aliases for
product: and component:, then :area could be dropped, I guess.  I'm not sure how
to replace @owner, though.  Maybe a: for assignedto:, or o: for owner.  But I
think there should be a short prefix, at least not more verbose than rep: for

Certainly status: and resolution: prefixes should be accepted, too.  Maybe
someone has a good suggestion to express ALL and +DUP in a more intuitive way.


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Comment 2

8 years ago
I think this is mostly fixed by bug 518024, and this bug doesn't need more work.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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