request flags confused jshin. leading him to think he could only r+ if the flag was set to r?jshin




15 years ago
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15 years ago
Although I'm listed as a peer of I18N library, I'm not able to review unless I'm
explicitly asked to. Somtimes this is rather inconveneient and gets in the way
of a speedy resolution of a bug. For instance, I need to carry over review flag
of an earlier patch to a new patch, but I can't so that I have to ask the
original review for r flag once more. I saw others put 'r' stamp even when
(s)he's not asked to. 

As I wrote above, it'd be nice to be able to add 'r' stamp without being asked
for review. smontagu will vouch for me.

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15 years ago
I think it may be worth to give jshin the following permission set:
-- snip --
canconfirm    Can confirm a bug.
editbugs      Can edit all aspects of any bug.
-- snip --
That way he should be able to do nearly everything he needs to do as his job of
being one of the two "intl" module owners

Comment 2

15 years ago
We have no problem with someone knowledgeable in an area (which you've
amply proven with i18n) proactively reviewing patches.

As for transferring reviews from older versions of patches, that depends
on the circumstances - the type of changes you've made, and what the
reviewer asked for (ie, did they say "r=foo with these changes"?).

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15 years ago
i'm confused, he has canconfirm+editbugs. is this a technical bugzilla bug or a
process bug
What is the problem, exactly?  A module peer can r=.  If someone asked ftang or
another former contributor for a review, and it's clear ftang (for example) is
not around or has no time to review, jshin can take over.  There, I've said it.
 Does anything else need to happen here?

For example, should jshin become module owner of some partition in despot?


Comment 5

15 years ago
Yes, I have 'canconfirm+editbug', but still I can't review proactively (that is,
unless I'm asked to review, I can't add 'r') as tor wrote  or I thought that was
the case (and that there was another permission I need.) Now it seems like it's
my 'misperception'. To carry over 'r', it seems that I just have to do it in
'two-steps' (ask fooreviewer for r and then mark it with 'r+' in a single bug
editing 'session'). To add 'r+/-' to a patch proactively, it appears that I can
just flag it with the requestee field grayed out. (the fact that it's 'grayed
out' got me confused although now it makes sense.)

Thanks and sorry for your time. 

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15 years ago
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Summary: let jshin review even when he's not explicitly asked to → request flags confused jshin. leading him to think he could only r+ if the flag was set to r?jshin
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