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Working on IBM's Eclipse (build id: 200402122000) alongside mozilla (release 1.6) or Firefox (rel 0.8) 
locks up the UI dialogs in Mozilla. Window-modal dialogs with OK/Cancel (for example when a domain 
or server isn't found, or when using cmd-enter to send an email) won't react to mouseclick or enter/
escape keys. The "Close all tabs" dialog when closing a multitabbed browser window also shows this 

If running Mozilla _and_ Firefox _and_ Eclipse, both mozilla and firefox show the symptoms at the same 
time. Firefox will quit even with open window-modal dialog (from Cmd-Q or taskbar right-click->quit), 
while Mozilla requires a Force Quit. 

Reproducible: Sometimes
Steps to Reproduce:
I am trying to narrow down on steps to repro. Haven't been able to find them, it is triggered by my 
reading news/answering emails on Mozilla, while working on code on Eclipse. 

Eclipse is writte in Java and uses the SWT library (as opposed to AWT or Swing), and is running with Perl 
editor extensions.
I find it strange that Eclipse (of apps considering it's java) could do this.

I think if this is a bug, and not just a dup of something else being associated
with Eclipse... we would see this with many Java Apps on the Mac OS.
Summary: Modal dialogs lockup when using with Eclipse M6 Carbon → Modal dialogs lockup when using with Eclipse M6 Carbon

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15 years ago
I agree with you; yet it's the behaviour I see. I am somewhat suspicious of the
SWT toolkit. 

My normal work environment consists of 

- for web/email, Firebird and Safari as alt browsers
- (emacs and other niceties on X)
- with ssh

as soon as I add Eclipse M6, I get UI lockups on Moz and Firebird around once
per hour. I haven't been able to narrow it down, unfortunately. I am open to ideas.

Eclipse is running under the latest Java JDK downloaded from Apple's Java 1.4.2
Dev package. 

Is there any debug flags I could enable either in Moz or OS X to help me narrow
down where this is happening? 

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15 years ago
When Firefox's UI is locked, reports:
Mar  8 18:03:17 dhcp101 /Applications/ *** Warning: 
ATSUMeasureText has been deprecated.  Use ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds instead. ***

Could this be a symptom of bug #161332 ?

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15 years ago
Created attachment 143434 [details]
Crash log of Firebird after being closed with locked dialog had one open window, displaying the moz homepage. I tried to open
a URL from a nonexistant domain, the dialog indicating that the host could not
be resolved did not register click/enter/escape.

Eclipse was _not_ in use...

Comment 5

15 years ago
I have managed to see the problem without having Eclipse open. Fresh crash log attached, and changed 
the summary.
Summary: Modal dialogs lockup when using with Eclipse M6 Carbon → Modal dialogs lockup on and
CC-->  Ludovic Hirlimann

This looks like a dup of 161332.  I think your more qualified to decide than me.

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15 years ago
I have checked bug #161332 and also bug #227295 but they don't seem to be
crasher bugs at all. Additionally, I haven't seen the warnings with the latest
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