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Editor: Midas - it would be very nice to be able to edit an element


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Once the HTML element has been placed within the "designMode=on" area it would
be very nice to be able to select it and extract its attributes through an
execCommand call. I would envisage this might return some kind of data block
containing the attributes.

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move unconfirmed midas bugs
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This feature would still be very nice to have. 
Sorry, but I Can't understand what you mean. You already have all the DOM to access any item and get anything you want from any element, so there's no need to add any special execCommand call.
I'm not sure how to achieve this ! I am a lowly web author !! Please tell me as I would love to know and increase my knowledge.

What I was meaning that for people like me whose DOM knowledge is limited it would be great to be able to right click inside an element and be provided with a context right click menu similar to what Composer does. E.g. right clicking inside a table might produce a context menu with Table Cell Properties, Table Insert, Table Select, Table Delete and Table or Cell Background Colour. 

This may be well beyond the scope of MIDAS so I'll happily settle for guidance on how to achieve these through the DOM and JavaScript. This is after all a wish list item.
If you don't want to (or can't) learn and suffer a lot about how the DOM works it would be better for you to use an already developed editor like FCKeditor: , Xinha: or TinyMCE:

They already have lots of items in order to provide a full editor, usually they provide too much, but it's usually easier to cut down the parts that you don't want instead of having to learn a new topic and suffer the bugs.

To learn about the DOM I think that there would be books, and some good references like this one: (maybe a new version is somewhere else)
Thanks for these. Some interesting stuff. I can learn and I fully intend to learn all that I can !! :-)
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