mail notification should indicate how many filtered messages reached which folder



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Not all messages are equally important. Mail notification only states how many
non-junk messages have been received per account. It does not take message
filter results into account. This means that the user may break from productive
work in another program, switch to Mozilla Mail, only to find that the mail was,
say, filtered into a 'Newsletters' folder. If notification waited until the
message filters had run for that account, then totalled how many messages ended
up in which folder, it could show the user that information. The user then knows
if it's worth checking their inbound mail, or leaving it be.

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Comment 1

15 years ago
Basically Bug 91498

Comment 2

15 years ago
Sorry, but I don't see it relates to that bug -- this is a request for
additional functionality to let notifications give a potted summary of *each*
folder that has received e-mails after the message filters have done their work.
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14 years ago
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13 years ago
Please keep this bug/RFE open.  Better yet, someone please submit a patch!

Comment 5

13 years ago
To further clarify my interest in this bug/RFE, I do not use the message filters
in TB, but I do extensive pre-delivery filtering with procmail on the server
before it reaches my mailbox.  Of course, I am using IMAP, since POP does not
support multiple mailbox files/folders on the server.

So, when I get new mail, it could be in one of many folders, and the current
"new mail" notification is almost useless because then I have to go searching
for which mail folder has a new mail icon.  This bug/RFE would very much help
address this problem by quickly identifying which folders have new mail.

Ultimately, the best solution I have seen for this is the "cabinets" feature in
Mulberry, which had a grouping to display only those folders that contain new
mail.  I have implemented something similar in TB using the "Saved Search"
feature, but it is not a very elegant solution for this purpose.  It actually
works to display the new mail in all the folders I select in one place, but it
takes them out of context.  In other words, I can no longer seem them along with
the threads they belong to in their actual mailbox file/folder.

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12 years ago
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Comment 7

12 years ago
Another approach would be to have a simple control above the accounts/folders pane, toggling a 'show only those folders with unread messages' view. However that's still moving the issue to the main client window rather than addressing the notification popup.


11 years ago
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