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15 years ago
the name changes of global configuration files that has happened in the 1.7
development cycle should be documented in the release notes for administrators
who add their own configuration files to defaults/pref as the changes affect
alphabetical order thus affect the order they're parsed by Mozilla.
Aadministrators who create their own configurations for users which can then be
changed by users (as opposed to using user.js which cannot be changed) in files
such as all-custom.js and editor-custom.js may have their configutaions ignored
depending on where they lie alphabetically, where before they would have worked

all.js has changed to browser-prefs.js
editor.js has changed to composer.js
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Comment 1

15 years ago
I agree this would be good for a release note, but I'm piteously poor at writing
pithy text explaining the changes; timeless/darin, suggestions?
Assignee: prefs → asa
QA Contact: bsmedberg
(In reply to comment #0)
> all.js has changed to browser-prefs.js

That's not quite true, there is still all.js (in the greprefs directory)

Comment 3

15 years ago
oh fun. no, i'm feeling sick today and will be busy with non computer stuff next
week. for kicks i'm requesting blocking1.7, we should have the release notes at
least current when we ship this product.
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Comment 4

15 years ago
I'd be happy to include a note. I'm not going to have time to write it though.
Patches welcome. 
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Comment 5

15 years ago
Hi all,

Any news on when this documentation may be updated.
I'm one of those system administrators who makes huge changes to the default
Mozilla config files and none of those changes will work for me now.
I've tried making changes to the 'browser-prefs.js' file such as font types and
browser cache size but they won't be changed when i start Mozilla from a clean
If i put my changes into the all.js file in the 'greprefs' directory should it
still commit the changes as before?

Thanks, Mick.

Comment 6

15 years ago
Mick, the information in this document might be of help:

'Pre-Configuring Mozilla':
QA Contact: benjamin → preferences-backend


10 years ago
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