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nsTableRowGroupFrame::Count makes long tables O(N^2)


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Every append ends up calling nsTableRowGroupFrame::GetRowCount (from
nsTableRowGroupFrame::AppendFrames, so that we can convert to row indices for
cellmap maintenance, looks like).  GetRowCount walks our entire child list....

Not sure what the best solution is here, though.  Adding members doesn't seem
warranted; this is O(N^2), but with a _very_ low constant, really.
does that appear on any jprof?
Yes, that's how I found it.  It was about 5% of the total time for loading a
rather large table (hence my comment about low constant).
Blocks: 54542
Keywords: perf
there is
which holds the right information

so we need just to drill through the table frame to the table cellmap down to
the right cellmap and get the info.
Keywords: helpwanted
Summary: nsTableRowGroup::Count makes long tables O(N^2) → nsTableRowGroupFrame::Count makes long tables O(N^2)
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