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UI for multiple preferences missing and can only be changed in pref .js files




14 years ago
11 years ago


(Reporter: Daniel Santos, Assigned: Blake Ross)


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14 years ago
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I had been listening to a CD earlier with headphones on (volume turned up) and
still had them on when I accidentally started typing while foxfire had focus and
invoked type ahead find and was very startled by the loud noise (Link not found
audio notification). 

I didn't know that this feature existed and was very thrilled find out. However,
I didn't want the audio notification and I discovered with some work that the
only way to turn this off appears to be in the all.js preference file as the UI
only has options for turning find as you type on and off and rather or not you
wish it to be restricted to just links.

While researching this bug, it appears that there are many options that I would
expect users to want to change (perhaps under an "advanced" type of option)
without having to spend an hour researching it and then editing the .js file(s).
 I will try to list all the related bugs that I could find on this.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:

Expected Results:  
The preferences UI should be extended. I propose the possibility of a "More
Options" button on the Advanced Tab that toggles to "Less Options" and then
displaying the "double advanced" options in a slightly different color. The
"More Options" under advanced should display all options that can now be edited
in the .js files (not sure about how that will fit into the theme .js settings)
and not having "More Options" on will cause the Advanced tab to display the more
common advanced options that users would expect to keep it from becoming too god
dam hard to find what you want like IE is now.

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2. 193923 - [win32] use system beep on Windows for notification
3. 185905 -- Need better sound for typeaheadfind
4. 239140  -- Hard coded browser references in download.js

Comment 1

14 years ago
You can edit most prefs, including this one, in about:config.

Comment 2

14 years ago
Ahhh, cool. However, I think that this still needs to be made more
user-friendly. Perhaps this alone can fill the need to modify "Advanced
Advanced" settings if it is:

a. accessible via the Tools/Options/Advanced dialog (perhaps a "More Options"
button that somehow navigate to here?)
b. includes a description of each field.

I'm interested in how Foxfire knows which settings it should have and what their
type is. They seem to exist in foxfire.exe and some of the prefs/.js files. I'm
assuming that their types are defined in the source code but what I'm saying is
that where ever that's defined it can have the description as well. One concept
that I used on a project long ago was to have the definition for my settings
contain not only description, but data to create a UI to change the settings. I
guess I'm getting sucked in, I'm installing cigwin so I can use cvs and check it
out :) 
we're not going to expose every pref that exists other than perhaps in about:config

If you want an enhancement for about:config there's the Preferential extension,
which provides descriptions and valid values for many prefs.  However, it has
been a repeated and ongoing principle that we are not going to expose large
amounts of prefs.
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