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Select Elements Unselectable When Floating Over a Relative Positioned Block


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Windows 2000
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If I float a form over a relatively positioned block, then I can no longer
select the select box in the form.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Click on Select Box
Actual Results:  
The word "Relative" is selected on the second click

Expected Results:  
the select box should have received focus and the options should have been revealed.
(see url for a testcase)
Workaround is to relative the form and z-index it...

but, should I have to do that?
I think this is a dupe of bug 102695
> If I float a form over a relatively positioned block

You mean under, right?  Positioned boxes with auto or zero z-index stack above
floating non-positioned boxes.  See

Marking duplicate, since fixing that bug would "fix" this.  In my opinion,
though, our behavior there is correct.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 102695 ***
Closed: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Thanks Boris.

Looks like the relative positioned div fails into layout number 7; whereas,
before being positioned, fell into layout number 4.
Meanwhile, the floated form falls into layout number 5.  

Basically, what I didn't realize was that relatively positioned divs pop-out
over any floated elements non-positioned... 

but I'm still confused, the background of the relative div now appears above the
select widget, so that putting a background color on the relative div paints
over the select box; yet, the text still respects the float...

I guess that there is a world of difference between text layout and mouse
events.  Still, nonwithstanding the complex decisions/standards involved in
layout, its counter-intuitive that the text is so very careful about a float -
enough to make room for it even when the div is relative and above the float;
yet, the div is 'rude', not allowing mouse-clicks through the area the text made
room for...

Ps. IE 'avoids' this particular issue by actually shorting the relative div's
width to buffet up against the float.

| relative div     ||float |

But I'm sure you are aware of this quirk.
> yet, the text still respects the float...

That's because relatively positioning the div shouldn't affect its layout -- it
should flow the same way it did when it was not positioned.  Yay specs.  ;)

> Ps. IE 'avoids' this particular issue 

IE's engine predates the existence relevant section of CSS by several years and
it's not exactly being updated, so.... 
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