Daily Activity on Quotes and Trades Page auto-refreshes. Browser is incompatible.



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Datek clients switching from the Datek platform to the new Ameritrade platform 
for Datek clients experience an auto-refresh of the Daily Activity on the 
Quotes and Trades Page. Refresh rate is about once per second. This makes it 
impossible to view that activity. CPU usage is driven up from a base-line of 5% 
to 70% on my computer. My OS is Win2K SP4, 1.280 GB DDR RAM, AMD Athlon 1700+ 
and open-architecture hardware. Ameritrade tech support's Marilyn Barton with 
Win2K and Netscape 7.1 experiences the same problem. K-Meleon 0.8.2, Firebird, 
and Firefox  have the same problem. However, Netscape 6.0.1 and 6.2.3 do not 
have this problem and are compatible with Ameritrade, except for frequent 
crashes in 6.2.3 which could be an issue with my computer's handling of memory. 
I have experience using 6.0.1 during the trading day but only know that over 
the weekend it was compatible with the Ameritrade-from-Datek platform. 
Ameritrade expects to move all clients to a common trading platform now under 
contruction and due out by next Fall. I and many others will leave Ameritrade 
if that platform forces clients to use IE. At this time I am forced to use IE 
6.0 because so far after two days of testing I find Netscape 6.2.3 to be too 
unstable for trading (crashed yesterday and today) but this could also be a 
marginal compatibility issue or a problem unique to my machine. Three months 
ago Ameritrade moved their remaining Datek clients over to the new platform but 
they are not actively pursuing browser compatiblity issues. The average 
Ameritrade Tech Support agent claims Netscape 7.1 is compatible but management 
knows it is not and refuses to fix the problem. I hate IE and Netscape for 
privacy and security reasons and want to use Firefox with Ameritrade---now. I 
fear that Ameritrade has no clue how to make any of their platforms compatible 
with Mozilla and do not care. I am adding pressure because I have extensive 
data revealing how unsecure IE is. The automatic bundling of AOL in Netscape 
(which I immediately remove even down to registry keys) tells me Netscape is 
also not concerned about security and privacy. 

The bottom line is that Ameritrade seems to be content with forcing, IE with 
all of its security and privacy issues, onto unsuspecting clients. That act is 
grossly irresponsible. I am trying to educate them by maintaining daily contact 
recently with Marilyn Barton in Ameritrade Tech Support. She was the one person 
at Ameritrade who was willing to work with me to solve the problem but I feel 
she is stalling. So far this week she has not returned my many e-mails and I 
get the standard response from Ameritrade to my e-mails which leaves me 
suspicious that Ameritrade Tech Support management is trying to suppress my 
findings. Contact info is : Ameritrade Technology Support 
<techhelp@ameritrade.com>. Case numbers are:9492204 and  9453971. I just now 
received another e-mail from Ameritrade stating that the e-mail I sent today 
would be reviewed by Ameritrade Tech Support management. My dream is to see 
Mozilla replace IE and Netscape as the browser of choice. I am doing all I can 
to convince Ameritrade of that and I can use your help. Getting Mozilla's foot 
in the door of the largest Internet trading firm in the country could open many 
larger doors going forward. 

The ultimate question is: why is Netscape 6.0.1 and 6.2.3 compatible and 
Firefox and Mozilla 1.7 are not compatible with the Quotes and Trades Page of 
the new Ameritrade-from-Datek trading platform? 

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to Ameritrade-from-Datek trading platform login page
2. After Login complete go from home page to Quotes and Trades Page
3. Observe "waiting for wwws.ameritrade.com..." and Transferring data from 
wwws. ameritrade.com..." and watch CPU usage jump up 65% or more. 

Actual Results:  
It is now impossible to see daily trading activity. That is, how much money is 
left for trading and the fill prices for each trade. CPU usage jumps 65% or 
more which in a system already close to 75% will cause a complete saturation 
and an unuseable computer for trading. 

Expected Results:  
Normal presentation is that the money available to trade at the beginning of 
the day, the present trading capital and all trade fills are static and easily 

This is not a crash issue but a compatibility issue. I never bothered to wait 
to see if Mozilla, Firefox or Firebird would crash under the Ameritrade-from-
Datek trading platform because the auto-refresh of Daily Trading Activity made 
those browsers worthless.

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Which theme are you using?
Summary: Daily Activity on Quotes and Trades Page auto-refreshes. Browser is incompatible. → Daily Activity on Quotes and Trades Page auto-refreshes. Browser is incompatible.

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