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Attempting to enter extended ASCII characters in a form sends commands to the sidebar instead


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Windows XP
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If I go to any web page that contains a form (such as the form I'm now using to
enter this comment) and attempt to enter extended ASCII characters in that form
(eg. alt-138), the sidebar opens, and commands are sent to it. In certain
instances, repeatedly attempting to enter such characters locked up Mozilla

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to a page that contains a form
2. Go to a text field, hold the alt key, enter 138 using the numeric keypad,
release alt key.

Actual Results:  
Character (è) does not appear on the form. Instead, bowser sidebar appears.

Current workaround is to have a text editor handy, typing the text there, and
transfer it to the form using the clipboard.
hmm, worksforme on winxp (2004050108)...
I think the problem is that WM_KEYDOWN event for Alt+3 looks suspiciously like
that for Alt+PgDn which is the command to flip sidebar tabs:
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(In reply to comment #1)
>hmm, worksforme on winxp (2004050108)...
You probably had Num Lock on at the time, which would generate Alt+3 as a digit,
while I normally have Num Lock off, which generates Alt+PgDn.
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