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It would be nice to have a GUI item for interfacing with the Wayback Machine at or in the future another internet archive if goes away
and there is a suitable replacement.  This is often useful for finding
information which has gone missing from the current web and there is really no
other means for doing so.  The Wayback Machine is useful, unique, and less
commercial even than Google so it fits nicely with the Mozilla philosophy. 
Personally, I use it at least twice as often as page translation, probably more.
 I'm sure usage patterns vary.

This is probably very similar mechanically to "Tools...Translate Page".  The url
to use e.g. for is:*/

Being so similar to "Tools...Translate Page" one might put a "Show Page History"
menu item under Translate Page in the Tools menu but I could also see a
rationale for "View...Page History" under Page Info if someone wanted to make
that argument.

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14 years ago
This should be done with an extension (see, not in the main browser.
This has been filed already, as I recall.
Whiteboard: DUPEME
Some related bugs:

bug 196227 - offer to show on 404
bug 109574 - "Sticky Google Cache" mode

Just to be clear, this rfe is for a gui element to show the wayback archive of
the current url, regardless of the http code.

This is the query I used to look for dups:
Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
Filter "spam" on "guifeatures-nobody-20080610".
Assignee: guifeatures → nobody
QA Contact: guifeatures
ErrorZilla and 404Cache are some of the extensions that provide this functionality, so this bug is obsolete.  Marking INVALID.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
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10 years ago
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5 years ago
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