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    I am a new user of Bugzilla,Can this tool provide anymore new information
 to the user and Project Manager!
    Shall we use some Measurement method to do any predictable or alart work
 during the bug trace process? and add new feature to Bugzilla!
    To elaborate,I mean we should do some statistics work to the data ralated 
to a bug trace process, For example, evaluate a tester's efficiency like this :

     Tester Efficiency =  (Number of bugs who detected)  / (time consumed)
of course,this is only a sample,Do I make it clear!

I wish it could proved more inforamation to us,but now it only a process
management tool.

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I have absolutely no clue what you're asking (and this sounds almost exactly
like what you posted to mozilla-webtools, which Gerv asked you to clarify
because he didn't understand it either).  I have a feeling this might be a
translation problem because I get the impression that English isn't your first

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15 years ago
Sorry for my poor English,It is  true that English is not my First language,and 
now I am trying to make myself understood!

Firstly,My question related to some concept of the Software Measurement or 
Software Metrics of Software Engineering. If one who had been a Project 
Manager ,it may be somewhat easier to understand.

According to my question,I wish we could measure the whole process of bug 
tracing by using the methodology of Software Measurement on the base of 
Bugzilla. In my opinion,the data related to bug tracing such as the numbers one 
tester had detected during a period  of a project ,or the bugs had been found 
in one module of the code of a developer,according to this data,we can evaluate 
the efficiency of the tester and developer.just like the simple example I had 
  Tester's Efficiency =  (Number of bugs who had detected)  / (time consumed of 
detected these bugs)
   ----  "/" means division in mathematics
Do you know the meaning of this formular? Of course,we can get more useful 
message from analysis the data we had saved in our database of bugzilla.

This process may takes four step ,
   1.Plan,what information you want to get,just like the "Tester's Efficiency",
   2.Do,which means we collect the data we need,eg.the numbers a tester had 
   3.Check,that means we check the data and select some valid from it. we can get the information we need by use some method of math.

and what I wish the Bugzilla to add is the 4th step of this process,to provide 
some tools to analysis the data save in its database.the result could send to 
related person by mail in the form of figure or text ect. and the result may be 
useful to the Project Manager to inspect the progress of one project as well as 
the efficiency of one worker 
Thus, We could improve traditional Bug Management process by introduce method 
of Software Measurement into it£¬Resort to plan measurement and  to process 
measurement as well as to analyses the result of measurement.  We can analyses 
the developer and tester¡¯s efficiency and the process of project on the base 
of the data come from one project, and provide information for the decision 
maker. So, We could improve the traditional Bug Management process . 

This is my idea about bug manaagement.I do wish I make myself 
clear,Furthermore,if you have any question,you can ask again,However,If you 
unfamiliar with the Software Measurement process,it may be difficult to make it 
clear by one or two words
OK, that makes much better sense.  Have a look at bug 185090 comment 15 and
onwards are the good stuff, and see if that's what you had in mind for
reporting.  Of course, that would depend on the data in question being
available.  The current development version of Bugzilla has some pretty
extensive reporting functions, as well.  Check out

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15 years ago
thank you! 
I had read the comment about "bug 185090 comment 15",perhaps they are alike in 
some aspect but not any more,and the most similar is the comment of Jouni 
Heikniemi (I just copy it from 185090):

------- Additional Comment #4 From Jouni Heikniemi 2002-12-13 11:34 PDT 
[reply] ------- 
Oh, and no, I don't think there's a particular reason why watchers should get
whinemail. The only way they could get rid of this is by assigning the bugs to
their owner (sounds bad) or reassigning them to somebody else (which may or may
not be ok - but in a case of vacation watching it's most likely not what's 

I think you can push this concept very far by creating different sorts of
reports for managers and so on. However, I think that you should aim at getting
your version checked in without a horrendous bulk of features. If somebody needs
something, they're probably going to ask, right?

what I mean is creating different sorts of reports and some indicators for 
managers and so on and this is some what different with 185090.Does anyone has 
any mind on this? I wish there will be some!

Now,It necessary for me to get some knowlege about Perl and so on :-) ,so I can 
start to work after a while,If anyone is kind enough to do this together or 
give some opinion that's really a good news to me!

I'm still thinking there's probably something else in our system that covers
this but I'm not sure what, or if this is even something we want to be built
into Bugzilla (it might make a good add-on)
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Summary: Can it add new function? → Need process measurement tools/metrics

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14 years ago
I would like to see some decent metrics, but I think that the bugs/hour metric
is a poor one.  It encourages testers to report lots of bugs that should all be
grouped into one bug.  For example, if there were a problem with invalid html in
the page footer of bugzilla, a good tester would report a bug in the footer
html.  A bad tester would report a bug in every page.
This isn't something we want in the core Bugzilla I think.  There's a number of third-party products that can get this type of information out of the Bugzilla database nowadays, for the folks that really want it;  most folks aren't going to need it.
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