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Build ID only generated when MOZILLA_OFFICIAL is set


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Not set


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We need the Build ID to be generated for some Firefox features to differentiate
between different builds. Unfortunately this is only generated in builds when
MOZILLA_OFFICIAL is set in the environment. It should be generated unconditionally.
Alternatively, the same information can be generated and placed elsewhere, as I
hear there are implications to layout link performance.
See also related: bug 26798 & bug 37484 .  Perhaps we should take this moment to
replace the current build id with something a bit less flawed?  I'm always a bit
concerned when someone wants to use the build id to distinguish between builds
when the build id not a unique identifier (by itself).  
The date portion of the UA was intended to be a "source" date, not a build date.
If it were generated as part of the *checkout* target it would not cause undue
extra linkage in layout. 

On the plus side developer builds would have meaningful and consistent build
ID's. On the down side there might not be a way to distinguish official release
"re-spins". Does that happen often enough (without re-pulling) to matter?
We're gonna need a different date for "gecko" and for the "app" anyway, once we
separate the build. The gecko buildid should be used for the useragent, but the
app buildid (probably on uniqueness-crack) should be used for profile-uniqueness.
Any progress here?
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
2 years and no update?  This is still a problem with the current Minefield Build on Win XP SP2.

It happened to me today while doing Litmus testing.

In Minefield:
Help>About Minefield comes back with a build ID of 20070308, which is 2 numbers short of the 10 digit number required.

about: in the address bar returns 0000000000. reports 0000000000 as the build ID as well.
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Product: Mozilla Application Suite → Core
With all the build ID changes in last couple of months, is this still an issue?
This was fixed by bug 383167.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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