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Language Packs for Mozilla 1.7


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This bug tracks the language packs to be included on the 1.7 CD. Please provide
your information in a comment here.
I'll have a German pack available in time. In fact, the RC3 one from (several URLs for the
same file) should fit for 1.7 final as well. Is the URL of the most current
langpack for Mozilla 1.7
Hardware: PC → All
The en-GB (British English) pack for Moz 1.7 (rc3, but should be unchanged)
is at <>
The fi-FI (Finnish-Finland) pack for Mozilla 1.7(rc3) is at
Norwegian Nynorsk language pack:

Doesn't include ChatZilla (because it doesn't work), but everything else.
The Italian Langpack is available at the following addresses:
Chatzilla, Venkman and help files are translated; included is a reduced
dictionary coming from OOo with written permission to distribute it.
The Slovene language pack is available at
The breton language pack can be found here :
Norwegian bokmål language pack for 1.7 available here:
The Dutch languagepack is available from my personal website:
Estonian can be found at 
Asturian langpack (ast-ES) available here:
is the deadline for submitting the pack unchanged? because 1.7 wasn't released
yesterday as expected.
The German Pack for final is now available at

For alternate download locations, see (The URL above should work OK though).
This is Channy Yun of Mozilla Korean Project. 1.7 Korean language pack is 
finalized. You can get it from
Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) language pack is here:
The French language pack (fr-FR) can be found there:
I am creating the cd image now, so any submissions made up till this point (they
seem to be mostly reflected on the l10n project page) will make it onto the cd.
Component: Browser-General → Localization
Please close this bug, as it is been shipped long ago.
True. FIXED. we shipped 1.7 CDs with language packs.
Closed: 16 years ago
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