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(Reporter: Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen, Assigned: Ben Goodger (use ben at mozilla dot org for email))


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Firefox doesn't handle several combinations of the properties
browser.goBrowsing.enabled and browser.fixup.alternate.*

If both gobrowsing and fixup are disabled, FireFox still uses Google to do an I
feel lucky-search and redirect to the first page found.

If gobrowsing is disabled and fixup is enabled with no changes to prefix and
suffix, the fixup part did work o.k. at times - but not right now.

At other times I have tried to have gobrowsing disabled, fixup enabled and a
user set value for suffix - this would be my prefered setting, but it doesn't
work at all. The browser just asks Google for a page (as if gobrowsing was
enabled) and never tries to fix the address using the prefix and suffix values.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set browser.goBrowsing.enabled to false (use about:config)
2. Set browser.fixup.alternate.enabled to true (default value)
3. Set browser.fixup.alternate.suffix to .dk (or another user set value)
4. Type gyros in the location bar
5. Press enter

Actual Results:  
The browser does a Google search and enters (check the status bar
- it is not just the fixup that changes gyros to

Expected Results:  
Visited (due to the fixup settings). 

If fixup is also disabled, the browser should just alert the user that the
address http://gyros could not be found.

I think the major problem is the handling of the browser.goBrowsing.enabled
property (just a guess - could it be a difference between small and capitol b in
"goBrowsing" that causes problems?). I am not sure that the
browser.fixup.alternate.* properties are involced - but as I have written, it
seemed to me that the fixup function worked if gobrowsing was disabled and the
prefix and suffix of fixup was unchanged. 

PS: I'm using 0.9 of Firefox. The build identifier seems to claim 0.8, but it is
the final 0.9 version I am using. The problem was the same in 0.8 and FireBird 0.7.

Comment 1

14 years ago
I can verify that browser.fixup does not work.  If I set browser.fixup to false
and type a single name into the address bar it still adds "www" and ".com" to my
request when it should not.  

This is a problem for people on corporate intranets which use simple server
names as addresses...  ie. http://localserver/page.htm is a perfectly valid url
on my intranet, but firefox wants to make it, which may be valid but I don't want to go
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