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Add secure site notification to pages that post to secure address


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This may be an unreasonable request but it would be desirable to have
notification if a form will be submitted to a secure URL even though the form is
not secure. It is often that a form like a login form is not secure but posts to
a secure URL and having notification of this would help to ease the users mind.

A possible pitfall with this feature is that when multiple forms are used on a
page, one could be secure (possibly a trojan form or perhaps just another form)
while others are not. A workaround could be to only display the notification if
_all_ forms on the page post to secure URLs, or perhaps if there is only a
single form on the page.

Reproducible: Always
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Not sure if this is a dup or not.

What we should do is this:

A form on a secured page must submit to the same server as shown in the URL
bar.... or a very serious dialog appears.

This gets rid of frames as a workaround to mask who it really is your sending
data too.
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isn't this a security bug ?
Jesse, you know a dupe of this ?
I don't know whether this is a dup of the top of my head.  I was about to
WONTFIX this for reasons given in, but Robert Accettura's
idea in comment 1 is interesting.
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Robert's comment 1 seems almost the opposite of this bug. At least as I read it,
he's saying that on a secure page, the forms must submit back to the server in
the url bar (even, or especially, for child frames). Interesting idea, probably
breaks too much of the web-as-it-is, but in any case needs its own bug. Too big
a morph from this one.

Jesse's interpretation seems to be that on a NON SSL page, a form that submits
securely back to the visible host might be allowed without a warning. I dunno,
that only encourages them. And in lots of current cases that won't make the
warning go away because they use different hosts for logging in (e.g. vs and so on with the login form).

Maybe a separate bug from this one if you think it's worth persuing. This one
I'd like to go on record as WONTFIX as a popular but very bad idea.
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Dan read my mind correctly :)
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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