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Currently we mark ourselves as a PM app in the DLL_Initterm for NSPR.

This is wrong.

The app that is using NSPR might not be PM.

We should be marking ourselves as PM in Mozilla code.

This patch contains the NSPR change and the Mozilla change. I will be checking
the Mozilla change in immediately because it doesn't depend on the NSPR change.
Unfortunately I have to do this in three places.
wtc, what is your opinion on this?
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Move Setting app to PM to Mozilla

Looks good, but you'll also need to do this in mozilla/toolkit for ffox and
tbird (calender/nvu?).
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FYI, command-line apps using NSPR, such as the NSS tools, already work without
this patch.
wtc: could I get checkin authority to NSPR trunk? I would love to be able to fix
these types of Os/2 problems myself.

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Move Setting app to PM to Mozilla

I verified that this patch only modifies OS/2 specific
code.  It was proposed by an OS/2 programmer and reviewed
by an OS/2 programmer. r=wtc.

Darin, could you check in at least the NSPR portion
of this patch?	Please check in the NSPR changes on
both the NSPR trunk and NSPRPUB_PRE_4_2_CLIENT_BRANCH.
I checked this in on the client branch. Darin is going to put it on NSPR trunk.
I'll check this in on the trunk just as soon as my pull of the NSPR trunk
completes.  Sorry for the delay.
fixed on NSPR trunk
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