Account Manager can get a wrong From address default automatically!



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Here's how to replicate:

Open account manager, make a new account with a valid email from entered.Make
sure server is valid, etc. Close account mamanger or continue working on same
now created account. Tell the account manager to change account TITLE.

From email address can get autochanged as account title is changed to match
account title if title is an email address and remains an email address after

I did this:

I created a remote pickup email clinet account in Mozilla 1.7 final. Title
defaulted to email address entered (this ITSELF is not bad, PER SE). I then
decided that instead of I wanted the account title
to be to quickly distinguish it in first four
characters from another account ( I got interrupted, did
not notice the email from default picked up in compose now read ALSO, and accepted the change after checking just the

I started getting amil bounce-on-reply queries from folks who had the proper
email address also, many such. Today, I discovered the only FASt workaround for
this. Change just the email address, after saving the title change and
reentering account manager for that account, on the appropriate page. The email
account change does nto bounce back into title, but a title change replicates
into default from email address unless title is in and of itself NOT an email

Suggested bug fix:

After first create, do not default email account manager to autochange email
from address when title is changed. Instead, default it to change only what is
entered as far as title and from email address. Make it optional to carry title
changes through to email from default and provide a check option box to trigger
that. Doc this change, you will get fewer "wrong from address" bugs-- lots less.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.See details-- I put all that there before scrolling down and seeing this

Actual Results:  
Covered in details.

Expected Results:  
Covered in suggested bug fix part of details.

This is cross-theme, cross-PLATFORM, and crosses over between all netscape
versions and Mozilla up to and including 1.7 final. Workaround given in details
section also. I classed it major as doing this with a pickup to a server that
authenticates and verifies from before accepting outbounds will case an auth
failure and when folks sho are IT managers get wrong froms they tend to filter
them.Since this can happen on a first create before first pickup on an email
account, some other bug reports of confused kinds that I have seen can be
vaporized also with this one suggested behavioral fix.

Comment 1

15 years ago
You can mark this one confirmed, I have made Mozzie and Netsc ape do this JUST
this way 30 plus times,and 4-5 other ways also over the years since Netscape
Communicator Gold 2.0 came out. I started using what got grandfathered into
current Mozilla in this case before Netscape Communicator 2.0 came out.
You're talking about the Account Name field, right?

I tried reproducing this and couldn't see the issue you apparently see.

I changed Account Name from '' to '', clicked OK.

Then sent an email from my account (listed now as
'') to another account.

When I read the email, it came from '', not ''.

Is there a step I'm missing.
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Summary: Account Manager can gen a wrong From address default automatically! → Account Manager can get a wrong From address default automatically!
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