Customizable Indent Sizing for indenting elements



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I cannot find out how to control the Indent sizing in composer. I don't think
the feature is there yet.

Is this possible to have as a preference setting for composer to allow for
customizing the indent size?


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Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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Comment 2

13 years ago
Indent a paragraph? 
Indent a list-item? 
Indent the code? 
What do you do to indent exactly? Can you provide explicit steps to reproduce
which can answer these questions. Thanks.
Keywords: qawanted

Comment 3

13 years ago
Been a while since I used WYSIWYG.

I would like to see the ability to control the amount that Composer Indents an
element that is effected by pressing the Indent and Outdent buttons. This would
not apply to source code.

Basically, Composer has a default setting of 40px increments for indenting and I
would like to see a preference setting to allow the user to change that default

Steps to reproduce.

1) Create a new Composer Document
2) Enter some text
3) Select the cursor anywhere within or before the text entered
4) Press the Indent button in the toolbar `Indent text (move right)`
5) View source and notice the inline style of `margin-left: 40px` has been added.
 - - 40 px on the first indent, 80 on second...

From the look of the SeaMonkey preferences, a new preference pane group may be
needed under Composer.

Is that good enough to define the request.

Comment 4

13 years ago
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OS: Windows XP → All
Summary: Customizable Indent Sizing → Customizable Indent Sizing for indenting elements
MozillaAS v1.7.x is not supported anymore.

Can you reproduce with SeaMonkey v1.1.9 ?
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6 years ago
Still valid rfe (to reproduce, use css mode)
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