"Indent" button on mail composer nests in <blockquote> rather than actually indenting



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When I write a email.  I have a signature made from plain text.  I also use
Stationery for a background.  What i do 
1:Open new mail.
2:Get background.
3:indent text(move right)button until it clears picture in stationery. 7 times click
4: start typing
This only gives me 33 characters to write before it word wraps back.
This only happens when you choose to Indent Text(move right).
Text message at (#) This does not change from the original install of
Thunderbird 0.7.1

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Click Write button.
2.Get Background (stationery)
3.click on the INDENT TEXT (Move right) Button Seven times. Yes Seven time gets
past my stationery picture.
4.Start typing. you'll notice that you must type actual words when testing this
out do not hold down the keyboard button on one key.

Actual Results:  
Text wrap starts wrapping after 33 characters are typed in.  

Expected Results:  
Like to be able to type to the far Right of Compose email Screen then have it
Wrap back to the start where I last left my Indent Text(move right).

Comment 1

14 years ago
The problem here is that, under Mail, the so-called "indent" button is actually 
including the selected block of text in a <blockquote> -- and multiple presses 
of the "indent" yield multiple nested <blockquote>.  And a <blockquote> is 
styled in such a way that the right-hand margin moves inward just as the left-
hand margin does.

This is the case with Mozilla MailNews as well; but Composer (the HTML editor) 
handles that button differently, by increasing the left-margin on the block of 

On the other hand: if your image is "background" why are you trying to get past 
it?  The whole idea of a background image is that the text appears on top of it 
-- it's supposed to be used for a "watermark" style image, not somethign you 
actually expect the correspondant to look at.

You can work around this by manually setting the margin for the text, but the 
mail composer does not make this easy.  Probably the best way is:
1) After opening the message, Select All (Ctrl-A) and then  Insert|HTML
2) Insert <div> tags as follows:
   <div>      <---
   </div>     <---
3) Edit the first <div> tag to add a style with the desired margin:
   <div style="margin-left: 15em;">
   Adjust the "15em" value to taste.
4) Click Insert.
Assignee: mscott → sspitzer
Severity: normal → minor
Component: Mail Window Front End → MailNews: Composition
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Windows XP → All
Product: Thunderbird → Core
Hardware: PC → All
Summary: Create new Mail with Signature in Plain Text : Plain text does not wrap correctly → "Indent" button on mail composer nests in <blockquote> rather than actually indenting
Version: unspecified → Trunk
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Product: Core → MailNews Core

Comment 3

8 years ago
Six years later and the bug is still there.
I would like to have the importance of this bug increased from "minor" to "normal", because of the side effects: first of all the indented right margin, for which the workaround is not easy enough for casual users.

And it messes with the white space in the message.
If you type two lines of text, separated by a return, and then indent one of the lines, a blank line appears between them that wasn't there before. Things like that.
Tested with Thunderbird 3.1.6 and SeaMonkey 2.0.10.

SeaMonkey's Composer component has a checkbox "Use CSS styles instead of HTML elements and attributes". Would it be difficult to port such functionality over to the Mail component?
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