Mozilla 1.x FAQ should have a version independent URL


14 years ago
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14 years ago
Currently, the FAQ for Mozilla 1.5, 1.6, and now 1.7 is located at: says 1.7, and the FAQ link on that
page goes to the URL above.

The URL should be:

Comment 1

14 years ago
I don't like version-independent document. I much prefer dated, versioned
document. A version-independent is assumed to be always up-to-date, meaning more
work as we are obliged to update them even for minute changes. A dated,
versioned document is less work because we can create an updated version when
needed. This is how the get-started guide, FAQ, and release notes are done.

So, there won't be a version independent FAQ (e.g. it's title would say "Mozilla
1.7" instead of "Mozilla 1.x" or "Mozilla <insert latest version>").

Having is probably not a good idea. I'd rather every
release having a versioned start URL, which would redirect to the last updated
start page (in this case

Having a version-less URL for FAQ might be neccessary, though, as external sites
might want to need to the latest version. I doubt having a redirect would work
because how would other people know how the redirect is set up? My proposal is this:

Put the FAQ on . The title and content would
be versioned. Then when we create an update, we would move the older version to .

gerv, we had a discussion about this before. What's your opinion?

(The FAQ bug, btw, is bug 66387 (amazingly, a 5-digit bug :-o ))
As you say, one FAQ version for each major release, linked from that release's
start page, seems like the right way to go to me. We can get /faq/ to redirect
to whichever is the most recent.


Comment 3

14 years ago
Whatever the case is, there definitely should be a 1.7 faq page. It's quite
bizzare to click on a FAQ link from a page about Mozilla 1.7 and it says in big
letters all over the place Mozilla 1.5.
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