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favicons should get ignored if they're > a certain size for bookmarks


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data: URLs shouldn't be stored in bookmarks.html for favicons that are bigger
than a certain size (let's say 16k or so, though we should probably go much
smaller than that -- 16k = uncompressed 32bpp 64x64).
some people use animated icons, they are larger than 16 kb (if not properly
patch in on aviary, trunk soon (once bookmarks stuff gets moved over)

animated icons are a sticky issue; i've heard rumblings that people don't want
them to animate at all (just freeze the first frame or something).
I agree .. we can go much smaller than that.

Mozilla only shows favicons as 16 x 16 and the number of pixels in a 16 x 16
image is 256 meaning that there can only be 256 unique colors as well.

So the max should be 8bpp 16x16.

And animating favicon in the bookmarks menu could turn it into an animating hell
of distractions .. Especially distracting would be animating favicons in the
bookmark toolbar.

The idea of saving only the first frame in the bookmarks is great , and perhaps
should even extend this to freezing the favicon in the locationbar as well.
fixed branch/trunk; went with 16k.  dealing with the animated icons issue is
probably a separate bug, though I doubt it'll happen before 1.0.
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some favicons are larger than 16kb and rightly so for various reasons of a sites
sites like has a favicon.ico which has multiple sets of icons inside
it ranging from all different color sets to sizes and even winxp icons with
alpha tansparancy layers.
the maximum size of 16kb should be reconsidered. People think Firefox is broken
when they come across a site like or and they
bookmark it and see no favicon in thier bookmarks. [see bug 258867]
the maximum should be the largest file size that one can make a legit
non-animated icon.
around at least 28kb
Blocks: 258867
Why not leave it 8bpp 16x16, but save a resampled version / first frame rather
than store the actual big / multiple / animated favicon ?
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(In reply to comment #9)
I prepared a workaround extension for ICON-format favicons (not for animated favicons). See bug 175787 comment #43.
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how has this been resolved? We still see this problem, see:
ah ok ... its tracked in bug 258867
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