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It might be a good idea to provide an additional option in the "Account Wizard"
to import a settings file.  I think this would help ISPs promote
Thunderbird/MozillaMail as an email client more.  ISPs' and hosting providers'
tech support people oftentimes are the people that make recommendations about
what email client to use.  I would think that they would recommend whatever
client did a good job and made their life the easiest by making it simple for
end-users to setup their email accounts (it should be noted that I am not a tech
support guy - but I know quite a few around here).

This import file could specify account type (i.e. IMAP, News, POP3), and the
settings that went along with that account (i.e. advanced IMAP settings, use of
STARTTLS, etc.).  It could even register a SMTP server possibly.  The import
file should be some sort of plain-text file (XML maybe) so that ISPs could
easily generate it.

Basically the idea here is that instead of assuming the end-user can enter in
all of their information correctly and then setup things that are not in the
"Account Wizard" like leave messages on server for 10 days or whatever - the
ISP/hosting provider could setup some interface to allow them to download and
then import a file that would setup everything exactly the right way (where
"right" is determined by the ISP).

If this sort of feature existed, I think that Thunderbird would get a lot more
promotion by the people who have a major influence over what mail client
end-users choose.

Anyways - this is just an idea I thought might be useful.  Before completely
dismissing this idea as useless, at least try to put yourself in the shoes of
someone who deals with completely technically oblivious end-users who "just want
it to work" and don't care how.

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14 years ago
Sounds interesting, and I didn't find anything similar to this in Bugzilla.
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11 years ago
see bug 359900 and
Assignee: sspitzer → mail
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Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
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