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Opening .eml file shows message source, rather than rendered message.


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, defect)

Windows 98
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When opening saved messages in *.eml file format, there is no kind of parsing
them, justs message source, like in tird-party plain text editor/viewer. 

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1.Fille/Open Saved Message
2.Open any *.eml file
And it would be very nice to have posibility to put this message into existing
message folder and to assign *.eml file type to Thunderbird. When i did it, then
doubleclick on this file just opens Thunderbird, or if it is already open, fires
opened window
Which TB version? It should work to display it, see Bug 217149.
Thunderbird version 0.7.2 (20040707). It opens them, when File/Open Saved
Message, but Opened message looks like i view The sourse of the message, using
Ctrl+U. It's only in Win version. In Linux version it's ok. And Thunderbird
doesn't automaticallyassign *.eml files to itself, and even if i attached them,
it doesn't opens
Works for me in Thunderbird version 0.7.1 (20040626)
I don't see this with Win2K, but I do see it with Win98.
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: Bad opening *.eml files → Opening .eml file shows message source, rather than rendered message.
This bug is reproducable in Thunderbird v0.8 on WinXP Pro, and possibly on
Win2000Pro (will check).
I have seen slightly different behavior than described when opening a .eml file
previously saved from TB.

When it opens there is a message which is formatted to some extent, but is NOT
the same as when I opened the original message from within TB. Mainly, the
header fields are displayed IN the message body, and the attachment (which was
another email message) is not accessible at all. But the other text formatting
seems to be about right.

I will attach an image of the opened .eml file showing this.

This is TB version 0.8 (20040913).
David Hollman, that is the expected behavior.  What you want is bug 241212; see 
also bug 241213
Blocks: 269826
No longer depends on: 269826

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 241212 ***
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Altho the attachments to this bug did not exhibit the reported behavior -- 
completely plain-text display, which I *did* observe on a Win98 machine -- with 
TB 1.0.6 on Win98 (which does not have the patch from the purported dupe), I now 
see the message displayed as expected (that is, as shown in attachment 159659 [details]): 
partial header information shown as text but with a grey background.

However, with TB 1.0+0806 on Win98, the window for the EML file is all wrong -- 
see bug 241212 comment 21 & 22.
No longer blocks: 269826
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