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Update branding document (Firebird/Browser -> Firefox)


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This document is very out of date, saying things like "use the names 'Mozilla
Browser' and 'Mozilla Mail' for FireBIRD and Thunderbird after Mozilla 1.4"

This document should either be updated with the current branding strategy, or it
should be removed. I could edit the existing document by replacing the name
Firebird with Firefox and removing references to Mozilla Browser, but I don't
feel in a sufficient position to make the more drastic changes needed.
bug 203786 bug 203873 bug 206838 bug 217997

The doc is obsolete, but it should be kept for historical purpose. Blake, should
we add a note on the doc that it has outlived its purpose?
note that branding.html is obsolete and is kept for historical purpose

Asa or Blake, may I check this in?
Is it really necessary to keep it around or can we just give it a 410 and let
the web archive handle historical interests?
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rebron changed all references in branding.html of Firebird to Firefox on 2005-02-22 23:29.

What is the current branding page? Something under (or wherever that redirects now)?

Should branding.html be left but the notice added or just added to htaccess for redirection?
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Gerv, should we redirect the branding doc to the trademark policy or just delete it and assign a 410? It seems to be quite irrelevant now.
This doc is basically a marketing plan. It's now obsolete, but it's not the same thing as trademark licensing.

I suggest we either leave it in place, with an "obsolete" notice, or remove it. If you want to remove it, you'd need to check with Chris Blizzard, its author.

Chris, can we 410 the branding doc?
chris, any update on this? I can 410 it if you agree.
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As mentioned in comment #6, we should keep this page available since it is historically relevant but there should be a big notice about the page being out of date.  I'll remove this from the live site and a redirect will be set up to point to the page on the archive site at:

We can archive this as soon as automatic redirects are working.  See bug 453475 for details.
Depends on: 453475
This page has been archived and the URL will take people to the page on the archive site if anyone comes across the link somewhere.  The page on the archive site has a note about the content being out of date and for historical purposes only.  Closing as fixed.
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