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19 years ago
Support 800x600 screens in release notes layout.


19 years ago
Target Milestone: M14


19 years ago
QA Contact: nobody → leger

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19 years ago
For bug 28216: On Linux, it is possible to get into a state where the
drag-and-drop cursor (a right angle pointing to the lower left) doesn't go
away.  In such a sitaution it is not possible to invoke menus or switch windows
by clicking or using the Alt-tab key combination.   The workaround is to kill
Mozilla by switching to a virtual console (e.g., Ctrl-Alt-1), logging in, and
entering "killall -9 mozilla-bin".

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19 years ago
For bug 28670: Mozilla may not display scrollbars on certain frames-based pages. 
To make scrollbars reappear, press the Reload button.

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19 years ago
From bug

"When you compose a message and there are more than 3 or so recipients in the 
addressing area, you will not see a scroll bar to be able to scroll back to the 
names you have entered.  There is not a workaround for this at this time."

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19 years ago
Bug 8290: The applet tag with the align parameter crashes the browser

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19 years ago
for bug 28931:
M14 build on WinNT only: 

The following error should immediately show up at the end of the install when it 
tries to launch mozilla.exe: 

  mozilla.exe - Unable To Locate DLL 
  The dynamic link library nspr3.dll could not be found in the specified path... 

This error message will appear when you launch mozilla.exe  twice.  The 
third time the message does not show up. 

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19 years ago
Bug 29157: DOM1 table.createCaption(); crashes mozilla

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19 years ago
Bug 28843: Browser crashes upon trying to add a new panel to Sidebar.There is no 
workaround for this problem. This problem appears intermittently on all 
bug 28241: on Windows, when opening the Open Web Location dialog to go to a page 
where you have saved a username/password (via Single Signon), the browser would 
crash when the Password dialog (for your Single Signon "master password") 
simultaneously appears.

Workarounds: This might not happen if you've already entered your master 
password earlier during your session (eg, opening the Signon Viewer from Tasks > 
Autofill > Display Signons menu, etc.). Moreover, entering a URL in the Location 
field in the toolbar completely avoids this issue.
Keyboard mnemonics (aka, menu access keys, keyboard accelerators) for Linux have 
been disabled for the time being. Refer to following for details:

bug 22515
bug 27644
bug 24413
Occaisional crashes when saving/downloading files:

bug 27256: Saving file from a particular web link (via conext menu)

bug 21383: Some problems downloading files w/sites using Javascript
bug 24817: No filename generated for index files when downloading.
bug 21952: Unable to turn off auto-loading of images.

Comment 14

19 years ago
Bug 18567: Java applets don't work in browser
dunno if this is a non-issue with the M14 bits that'll be release, but in case
it is:

bug 29166: Navigator prefs: selecting "Use last page viewed" will make
waterson's homepage *your* homepage. if this occurs for you, don't use this
bug 28436, linux: might not be able to set a master password on a new profile.

Comment 17

19 years ago
Windows only - bug 28949 - The first time you visit a secure web site each 
Netscape 6 session, a popup dialog box will ask you to manually load psm.exe. 
That file is located in Program Files\Common Files\Netscape Shared\Security.
bug 22536: Mac only, View > Use Stylesheets not implemented.
ugh, another addendum to bug 22536: the menu items appear active, but they
really aren't.

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19 years ago
bug 27748: on Linux, you can't enter your password into basic HTTP
authentication dialogs.  This makes logging in to password-protected (using
htaccess) sites impossible.
bug 27428: because of the fix for this bug, you will need to remove/change the
following preference (in your prefs.js file) since it will then be a read as a
string (incorrect)  when it is now actually an integer (correct):

  user_pref("browser.screen_resolution", "96");

for example in the above line you could either remove it from prefs.js
altogether, or just remove the double quotes around the number. if you cannot
get prefs to load at all, you could also just remove your prefs.js (remember to
save an old copy!) and a new one wit correct int type will be created.

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19 years ago

Is it too late to add something to M14 release notes?  A nasty bug - one fixed 
in first M15 build - slipped through- I have made notes here in case the pages 
on mozilla can be updated.


When attempting to create a profile and choosing a custom directory for storage 
of the profile information, user will crash when they press finish 
Workaround is to use default directory for profiles

bug 27573

also on Linux only-first profile created is not saved, creating a second profile 
is necessary. Bug 28243- same situation - in process of being fixed when M14 was 
going out 


19 years ago
Last Resolved: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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19 years ago
We're done with this one... marking fixed.

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19 years ago
Adding verifyme keyword.
Keywords: verifyme

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19 years ago
Marking Verified.  m14 is outta here.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Keywords: verifyme
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