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l10n CVS request: German (de-DE) - Abdulkadir Topal <>


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Everybody wants to see the german localisation of Firefox in CVS, right?

Abdulkadir, the procedure is in linked document.
axel, bsmedberg, can you vouch? are patches available for review?
As with the other l10n-in-CVS teams, I would like to see ready-for-CVS files, to
look over them (see bug 255331, bug 254050, etc for examples).
I still have some things to sort out, so I will attach my files in the next few
Attached file Firtst part (obsolete) —
Okay here are my files. They should be complete by now, even though some
question are left, but that's not part of this bug
Attached file second part (obsolete) —
Attached file Browser and Toolkit de-DE (obsolete) —
Sorry, I forgot to change
Attachment #156257 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #156258 - Attachment is obsolete: true
toolkit/locales/de-DE/chrome/global/history is missing.

I copied over the en-US part for that to check if I could build and run, which 
worked on a clean profile.
Hmm, must be a problem with the repackage-Skript. I've copied the file by hand
now, and diffed the two folders. They should be identical now.
Attachment #156259 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Looks good, I can vouch. Would you like Pike or I to commit these files, or 
wait to do it yourself once your account is activated?
Whiteboard: voucher
I'd like to do it my self, but I will be on vacation from tomorrow on, so please
take this on my behalf.

Shall I send the Fax now?
Okay, I couldn't wait any longer and just sent the Fax. I'm off for vation now.
Fax received.
Summary: CVS account for Abdulkadir Topal, localizer Firefox german → l10n CVS request: German (de-DE) - Abdulkadir Topal <>
When Abdulkadir returns from vacation, he will need to put his sshkey in this
bug in order to proceed.
Attached file public ssh key
Okay, I'm back and attached my key
I sent mail to Myk Melez today requesting that he create this account.
Ok, your account has been created.  Your username is the email listed in the
summary of this bug, with % in place of @.  To check out the aviary branch:

cvs -d:ext:<username> co -r AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH mozilla

Closed: 17 years ago
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