using window.find fails to find multiple matches in textarea



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The use of window.find fails to find multiple values in a textarea where using
Find in page from the Edit menu will.

See attached testcase.

Push button, the first entry of foo will be highlighted. Pressing multiple times
wont match the following entries. Using ctrl+f and searching for foo will find
all 3 entries.

Reproducible: Always
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15 years ago
Can you make it to work in IE?

I have debugged your testcase. What is happening in Mozilla is this: when you
click the button, it clears the selection -- this is reminiscent to what happens
when you click on the content window, any current selection is cleared on the
window. Therefore, the same (first) match is re-found again.


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better testcase

better testcase.

the three instances of foo outside the textarea will be found with each button
press, it then hits the textarea and finds the first entry. It then doesn't
match any of the others after that and goes back to the start.

There isn't an IE behaviour since window.find isn't supported.

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15 years ago
Is it an important problem for a real application that you have?
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15 years ago
Yeah, we have a template editor that allows searching in IE using an IE specific

bug 241053 fixed searching within textarea using the "Find in Page". I was under
the impression that window.find was the same system just with a scripted wrapper.

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15 years ago
It is not a simple problem to fix in the back-end. The fact that the focus is
switching to the <button> element in the same page confuses the special

As a work-around in your first example

you can change
<button onclick="doFind('foo');">Run Find</button>

<button onclick="document.getElementById('foo').focus();doFind('foo');">Run

then position the caret on the first character in the textarea before starting
to find.
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